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Developed at Stanford University. Voted Best Golf Training Video Ever By Golf Magazine's Top 100 Pros

USA Olympic Track & Field Chooses SyberVision  to Design Its Elite
Athlete Training System


How the SyberVision Muscle Memory
Programming Technology Works For You

SyberVision, developed at Stanford University, was chosen by the USA Olympic Track and Field team to design its elite athlete training system using our proprietary film-to-brain positive skill reinforcement and enhancement training technology.

The SyberVision technology was also adopted by the U.S. Air Force's Strategic Air Command to train B1-1B bomber flight crews in high speed, low-level flight to coordinate, identify, respond to and evade an array of enemy anti-aircraft ordinance.

If SyberVision is effective in these complex situations, imagine what it can do for you and your golf game. It has worked for over 1 million golfers and it can work for you too. Here's how SyberVision's Muscle Memory Programming works:



 The B-1 is designed to penetrate a defensive network of radar, antiaircraft missiles and fighter planes by streaking through valleys and around hills at 650 miles an hour, which is nearly the speed of sound, at 200 feet above ground.


Flying a 400,000-pound aircraft at that speed so close to the ground, where trees and water-towers flash by in a blur, is among the most demanding tasks in aviation and requires not only careful initial training but constant refresher training for the crew of four.

"There's the strangest feeling that, as you watch the Sybervision video,  you're gliding effortlessly through the motions of the perfect golf swing over and over again -- hundreds of times.  It's almost like your mind and body intuitively understand what you're experiencing and feeling. It's the essence of repeatably immersing and bathing your senses in golf perfection.  And, the next day — you play out of your mind!" San Francisco Business Journal

1. Sit back and relax while you watch the SyberVision model perform hundreds of perfectly executed golf swings rich in timing, tempo, and rhythm. The movement is executed at a mathematically precise tempo and rhythm that enables your brain to convert what it sees directly to your golf muscle memory. (Learn about the science behind SyberVision).


2. The images of movement and sound are transmitted to your brain through your eyes and ears.


3. Your brain analyzes the incoming images, searches for and identifies similarly stored positive memory from your past performances, and repeatedly reinforces that memory as if you had physically performed the motion over and over again.


4. While you watch, you experience a feeling of rhythmic movement from within—the effect of the muscle memory training at work for you.


5. During physical practice or play, you draw upon the stored muscle memory of perfect golf motion resulting in dramatically improved performance and lower scores.

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In 1987 SyberVision helped Dr. Ladislav Pataki and his family defect from the Soviet Union. Dr. Pataki was the highest ranking Soviet sport scientist ever to defect to the West. He was the mastermind of the highly successful Soviet Olympic track and field program.

While at SyberVison, Dr, Pataki added the SyberVision technology to his training repertoire and was commissioned by the USA Olympic Committee to incorporate it into the USA Olympic Track & Field training discipline.