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Developed at Stanford University. Voted Best Golf Training Video Ever By Golf Magazine's Top 100 Pros

A Complete Training System Guaranteed to Quickly, Easily & Dramatically Lower Your Scores

Your SyberVision Golf Training System

Comes Complete with Everything You

Need to Achieve Your Golf Potential

Your SyberVision Golf Training System includes the 60-minute muscle memory programming DVD, a digital training guide and four informative MP3 audio sessions


The one-hour DVD features PGA Champion and swing tempo-master Al Geiberger performing perfect fundamental skills—the perfect drive, fairway wood wood, long iron, short iron, pitch, chip, sand wedge, and putt. The fundamentals of each stroke are repeated in such a way that you see, feel, and remember what you see, giving your mind and body a blueprint for golf success.



Online Personal Training Guide that shows you how and when to use your program to get the most out of our powerful technology. The disk also contains four MP3 audio sessions:


Audio One: Mind, Body & High Technology

Mind, Body & High Technology" gives you a thorough understanding of the easy-to-learn scientific tool you're about to use.


Audio Two: The Psychology of Athletic Achievement

"The Psychology of Athletic Achievement" gives you 12 newly discovered keys to success taken from SyberVision's comprehensive studies of the world's greatest athletes.


Audio Three: The Mind of a Champion

In "The Mind of a Champion", 'Mr. 59' Al Geiberger discusses in detail the day he shot his famous 59 so you can understand and learn the physical and mental keys of low scoring golf.


Audio Three: Images of Perfection
Repeats the soundtrack on the golf DVD triggering your recollection of the images and body sensations, pure timing, rhythm and tempo you experienced while watching the video.

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