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SyberVision is So Effective That Mitsui, Japan's Largest Company, Built a SyberVision Golf Theater in Their Corporate Headquarters Just to Watch the Video


Powerful Testimonials Attest to
SyberVision's Ability to Transform Your Game

Most golf training programs you read about come with many testimonials that attest to the effectiveness of the advertised program. But you'll probably never see any more powerful and convincing evidence of a program's effectiveness than you'll read below. The testimonials and stories are true and as such, testify undeniably to what the SyberVision golf program can do for you if you'll only give it a try. With our Risk-Free Guarantee you have nothing to lose but your handicap.

  "It's Everything it Promises to Be and More"

"If your part of "Generation Y", such as myself, then chances are you haven't heard of SyberVision. It was one of the best-selling golf training programs in the 80's and 90's, I discovered it at my dentist's office in an article in Golf Magazine about the best golf training videos. America's Top 100 Golf pro's" voted on the best golf training videos of all time. Two of the top three were SyberVision. So, I decided to give it a shot.


"I've had more in improvement in my game with this video than all of the other things I've ever tried, lessons, videos, training aids, books, articles, etc,). It's everything it promises to be and more." Mike Edelson Blog, New York, New York

"At my country club, we have formed the SyberVision Club which includes some of Japan's most influential leaders including Chairman Toyoda of Toyoda Motor Company, and among other notables, the Prime Minister of Japan.


"SyberVision is so popular in Japan that it has even inspired SyberVision super-hero comic books. It is truly a breakthrough technology." Yashido Yahiro, Chairman, Mitsui Corporation


"I have knocked 10 strokes off my handicap in less than a month, going from a struggling 90 player to an 80 scorer, with the SyberVision Golf program." Roland Omohundro , Santa Fe, New Mexico



SyberVision founder Steve DeVore, working in partnership with Ely Callaway (founder of Callaway Golf), Clara Jones(daughter of legendary golfer Bobby Jones) and Jack Nicklaus, introduced the "Bobby Jones 'How I Play Golf' Film Collection" — a video collection of 18 instructional golf films Bobby Jones produced in the early 1930's for theatrical release.


The films masters were thought lost but were rediscovered by Callaway and Ted Turner in a film preservation cave in St Louis, MO.


Clara Jones wanted SyberVision to re-introduce the films to a new generation of golfers because she felt that SyberVision's revolutionary training technology best exemplified her father's learning and teaching philosophy.


Jack Nicklaus introduced the "SyberVision Bobby Jones Collection" in a 30-minute documentary commercial and hosted the program. The program was broadcast throughout the world It became an immediate bestseller.

As the golf writer for the San Francisco Chronicle I was skeptical when I first heard about SyberVision. I decided to do a story on it so I purchased the program. To my surprise, the results were amazing. After a few days of SyberVision training I entered a Pro-Am tournament at the Olympic Club. To my surprise I won the long driving accuracy contest, hit more greens in regulation than ever before, and shot one of my best rounds of golf ever. It was so phenomenal that I wrote a full page article about my positive experience." Pat Sullivan, San Francisco Chronicle

"I have never been able to break 90. My club pro loaned me his SyberVision program, I watched it three times before I played and shot an even par 72 for the first time ever!! The members of my foursome were as shocked as I was overjoyed. Thank you! Your program really works!! Jack Sommers, St. Louis, MO

Before SyberVision, my average drives were 200 yards. I now drive consistently 275 yards!! I used to hole out with 3 to 4 putts. Now, I get off the green in mostly 2. This is an incredible program." Wayne Baumback, Scottsdale, AZ

Members of our Stanford golf team experienced dramatic improvement with SyberVision. Research here shows that watching the SyberVision video is the near equivalent of hours of perfect practice. SyberVision will allow any golfer to master the fundamentals of the game, sharpen competitive concentration and build a reservoir of rich performance memory." Dave Yates, former Stanford Golf Coach

My best score before SyberVision was 90. I've played for 8 years and haven't been able to break the barrier. The second time I played after watching the video I scored 82!. To break 90 and by 8 strokes that was a great day for me. Thank you for the SyberVision golf video." Ed Hipp, Fairfield , IA



"I am now 37 and have been playing golf for the past 9 years. SyberVision has been the best thing to happen to my game yet. Let me thank you for what I consider a miracle I HAVE FINALLY BROKEN 80. Before SyberVision I never in my dreams thought it would be possible. Thank you SyberVision!" Gary Clark, Milwaukee, WI


"With SyberVision, I broke 90 for the first time in 25 years!" Jayne Freeman, Buffalo, New York.

After receiving my SyberVision golf video I was able to watch it right before I went out to play. I had been hitting duck hooks and ground balls off the tee for weeks. On the first tee, a Par 5, I hit one right down the middle 250 yards! I hit more fairways that day than I had in weeks. I can't wait to get started on the 30 day training program." John Fogarty, St. Charles, Missouri

Linda Vollstedt, Women's Golf Coach at Arizona State University throws up her hands. One of her players keeps swinging way too fast. Nothing Vollstedt suggests is improving her swing. Then she remembers the SyberVision video packed in her suitcase. She gives it to her fast swinger and tells her to spend the  weekend watching it.


On Monday morning, Vollstedt's problem swinger sets a course record for low scoring. "I thought SyberVision would help her mentally picture good tempo," recalls Vollstedt, "but I never dreamed she'd break a record."

"To be quite honest, there are very few videos that I recommend to my students. One is SyberVision. It shows excellent swing technique with outstanding timing and tempo. It's simply the best!" Susan Young, LPGA Pro, Golf Commentator KGO-TV,
San Francisco, California

"The result of SyberVision is an immediate and dramatic improvement in your in your game." PGA Magazine

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Does SyberVision's Muscle Memory Programming for Golf really work? Ask Golf Magazine's staff of America's top  100 teaching professionals. These  teaching pros are the elite of the world's  top golf teachers selected by Golf Magazine.


Golf magazine asked these pros to choose, out of the thousands of golf training videos ever produced, the most effective. They chose SyberVision. Why? Because it delivers what it promises more than any other golf

training system ever developed.


These teachers and their students experience dramatic improved. And,
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Though this remarkable program was produced in the mid 1980's it's still as effective today as it was then. The human brain hasn't changed much in the past few years! The key is how your brain responds to timing, tempo and rhythm — not swing style.



  SyberVision Golf Sweeps Japan
















SyberVision Training Theater, Mitsui Corporate Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan

Must Read Testimonials & Stories

"The effect has been so powerful that I ordered our Medical Technology Division to commission a study on the Stanford/SyberVision technology.


"They found it such a breakthrough that we commissioned SyberVision to allow us to build SyberVision Golf Centers throughout Japan and a learning center in our corporate head-quarters in Tokyo.

Yashido Yahiro, Chairman, Mitsui Corporation, Japan's largest company said: "After watching the SyberVision golf program my entire game has been dramatically transformed. It is almost a miracle!