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"Al Geiberger's Golf Swing is the Model from Which Every Golfer Should Learn" Tom Watson

Al "Mr. 59" Geiberger:
"Golf's Most Perfect Swing"

What golfers in the history of the game have had the best swings? One of the golfers who

is always mentioned is PGA Champion Al Geiberger.


In fact, Geiberger is first player in history to shoot 59 on the PGA tour -- a feat Sports Illustrated called, "one of the most significant athletic achievements of the 20th century."

Golf Digest said Geiberger has the "perfect" swing. Geiberger possesses the golf swing which "is the model from which every golfer should learn," claims Tom Watson.

Watch the recently discovered newsreel of the first ever 59 shot on the PGA Tour by Al Geiberger.

When it became public that SyberVision was searching for the golfer with the perfect swing to be the model for its ground-breaking video, SyberVision founder Steve DeVore was contacted by Golf Digest's Larry Dennis. Dennis claimed that Geiberger should be that model since he was one of the few golfers who possessed pure timing, tempo, and rhythm— the key elements that makes the SyberVision muscle memory training technology work. After analyzing film of Geiberger, DeVore agreed that Geiberger's swing was the ideal for which he was looking.

Contracts were signed, schedules were made, and a seasoned film crew was commissioned. The program was filmed at Palo Alto Country Club, near the Stanford campus. The computer-enhanced sequences were filmed at a bio-mechanical laboratory in San Francisco. It took over two months to analyze and edit the final program.

Original music was composed to enhance the viewing and learning experience -- music that matched and accentuated the timing, tempo, and rhythm of Geiberger's perfect swing. The result was a new learning technology that captivated the world of golf and dramatically improved the games of hundreds of thousands of golfers.


Al Geiberger Background

With more than 20 victories on the PGA and Senior Tours, Geiberger has been a fixture near the top of leader boards. He joined the Senior Tour in 1987 and won three times during his rookie year. He claimed his first victory in 1962, and has now made it to the winner's circle in four decades. He was voted by his peers as the '96 Senior Tour Comeback Player of the Year after notching four top-10s and his first victory in almost three years. He may be most well known for firing a 59 in 1977 at the Danny-Thomas Memphis Classic.


Senior Tour Victories

1987: Vantage Championship, Hilton Head Seniors International, Las Vegas Senior Classic

1988: Pointe/Del E. Webb Arizona Classic

1989: GTE Northwest Classic

1991: Kroger Senior Classic

1992: Infiniti Senior Tournament of Champions

1993: Infiniti Senior Tournament of Champions, GTE West Classic

1996: Greater Naples IntelliNet Challenge


PGA Tour Victories

1962: Ontario Open Invitational

1963: Almaden Open Invitational

1965: American Golf Classic

1966: PGA Championship

1974: Sahara Invitational

1975: MONY Tournament of Champions, Tournament Players Championship

1976: Greater Greensboro Open, Western Open

1977: Danny Thomas-Memphis Classic

1979: Colonial National Invitation

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