Every one needs someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to encourage us, someone to help us formulate a plan, someone to make a commitment to, someone to help us notice the things that are oblivious to us because we are often "too close", or someone to just listen. We often need someone to do these things for us and realize that not everyone is comfortable talking to family members or friends about personal thoughts, their goals, or especially their problems. Some people just simply do not have anyone that they would even consider appropriate to discuss these things with.

 Steve DeVore
That's why SyberVision founder and "Neuropsychology of Weight Control" and "Neuropsychology of Self-Discipline" author Steve DeVore developed the Neuropsychology of Weight Control Personal Coaching Program. Steve is a recognized leader in the field of goal achievement and self-motivation. He spent 8 years of research at the Stanford University Neuropsychological Research Laboratories working with Dr. Karl Pribram, the father of the science of neuropsychology. Dr. Pribram worked for Steve as the Director of Research for SyberVision. What they discovered they developed into a powerful learning technology that became a worldwide success.
Incorporating this technology, Steve has authored over 60 programs in health, personal achievement and family relations. Most notably he is the author of "The Neuropsychology of Achievement" and "The Neuropsychology of Self-Discipline" with combined worldwide sales of $50 million.

Personal Coaching from the Author

Steve will be your personal weight loss coach. As your coach you will have a friend, listener, mentor and advisor at your disposal—simply a phone call away. He knows the program inside and out and has helped thousands of people achieve their goals. He will provide you with the guidance, advice, support and encouragement you need to start and stay with the principles set forth in The Neuropsychology of Weight Control program. He will be focused on your goals to help you achieve your results.

Before you consider our coaching program, you will want to determine if you are truly ready for personal coaching. To do this, ask yourself the following questions, and if the answer is a strong yes for every question, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of personal coaching.

  • Are you committed to making a lasting change? Have you come to a point in your life where your current circumstances are intolerable? You've bottomed out. You're disgusted with how you look and feel. You want desperately to change but don't know where to turn.

  • Are you willing to commit to a sustained effort? You intuitively know in the past you have been victimized by your desire for instant results. You have bought into weight loss schemes that have only made you fatter. You know deep down inside that there are no shortcuts, miracle cures, pills, powders, and potions. The only thing that works is consistently doing the right things over a period of time without quitting or giving up. You know this is the only way. Nothing else will bring lasting results. But you need help to see it through.

  • Will you invest money in yourself? Personal coaching is not inexpensive. When you make a meaningful financial investment in yourself you are less likely to give up. You are more likely to stay with the program and reach your goals because you will want results from your investment.

  • Will you honor your word? You will be making weekly commitments to your coach. Your commitments will not be taken lightly. Your coach will expect you to honor your word and to do exactly as you say you will do. This code of honor will help motivate you to do the small but necessary things essential to your success.

  • Will you take the actions to achieve your goals? You will achieve your fat loss goals only through your own actions. No one can do it for you, not even your coach. It is entirely up to you. The actions you will want to take to achieve your goals will become evident throughout the coaching process. Your coach is there to unconditionally assist you in taking them and to support you in the process.

If you can answer "yes" to all of the above questions, you are ready for coaching and you will be ready to reap all of the benefits personal coaching can offer.

The investment you make in The Neuropsychology of Weight Control Personal Coaching Program will probably be the best investment you will ever make. Your financial commitment for one month of coaching is $495. You will receive the complete Neuropsychology of Weight Control audio program and digital progress guide. In addition, you will receive four weeks of personal coaching with Steve DeVore (see the Weekly Personal Coaching Process chart above for details).

When you sign up, you will be sent, via e-mail, your personal coaching packet and then contacted by Steve via telephone. He will then orient you to the program, set up your coaching schedule and commit you to listening to the entire program during the next week. This first "orientation" week is free.

After the orientation week, you will then begin the four week coaching process as outlined above.

Since there is only so much time available in a week, coaching clients are accepted on a first come/first serve basis. All Major Credit Cards, Automatic Checking Account Withdrawals, and PayPal are accepted. Click Here to Sign Up

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