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Dr. Paul Pimsleur and the Revolutionary
Pimsleur Foreign Language Training System

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The late Dr. Paul Pimsleur was a brilliant linguist and renowned language educator who dedicated his career to making language learning easier. After receiving his Ph.D. in French from Columbia University, he taught French at UCLA, was a Fullbright lecturer in Germany, then became director of the Listening Center at Ohio State University.

In order to understand how we learn languages, Dr. Pimsleur studied the language learning processes of two groups of people--children and multi-lingual adults.

He wanted to know how children learned languages "organically"-- without reading, memorization, and knowing formal language structure? What processes do fluent multi- lingual adults go though to master their languages?

The Pimsleur Breakthrough
After years of researching and studying these two questions, Dr. Pimsleur made a major breakthrough that led to the now highly acclaimed Pimsleur Language Learning System (PLLS).

Dr. Pimsleur discovered:

(1). The mechanism in the brain that converts unintelligible human sound into language.

(2). How the brain naturally stores the language in long term memory (recall).

(3). How the brain flawlessly recreates the language as speech (articulation).

(4). How the words spoken by others are recognized and understood (comprehension).

He used this discovery to create a precise formula for learning a foreign language through sound on tape.

The Pimsleur System
(1).To learn a new language you simply listen to a Pimsleur encoded tape on which a native speaker speaks culturally rich phrases in both the foreign language as well as in English.

(2). You are then promoted at precise intervals (graduated intervals) to repeat the phrase after the native speaker finishes it.

(3). You are then introduced to a new phrase with its sound and meaning (novelty).

(4). After repeating this phrase a few times, you are asked to repeat the first phrase -- borrowing from the words and meaning of the second phrase (recall & construction)

(5). Throughout the tape you are introduced to new phrases and are prompted to recall and repeat, at random, earlier phrases (anticipation). This random recall keeps you attentive, forces your mind to associate words with meaning, and triggers your mind's ability to naturally memorize the material.

30 Days to Proficiency!!

In only 30 days at 30 minutes a day of practicing this routine, the language, with all its fullness of meaning, becomes almost second nature. In fact, you will be able to think in the new language--the true measure of language mastery!

The formula is so effective that 90% of the people who use it become skilled in the language at the Foreign Language Proficiency 1+ Level in only 30 days! With this level of skill you can go to a foreign country and converse with and understand the native population at a "survival" level.

The breakthrough Pimsleur Language Learning System is based on these four principles:

  1. Anticipation -
    getting and keeping your attention.

  2. Graduated Interval Recall -
    presenting information at the right time makes it easier to retain.

  3. Organic learning -
    vocabulary, pronunciation and listening comprehension are presented all at once.

  4. Learning like a child -
    reproducing what you hear others say.

With these unique teaching techniques, your progress will come naturally without boring memorization, exercises or grammatical rules!

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