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Looking for the best sleeping pill? We recommend Somnamax, the #1 rated sleeping pill by consumers and experts. Somnamax is the strongest over-the-counter sleeping pill that guarantees insomnia relief. If you buy direct you can save up to 25% off of msrp. There are a few sleeping pills that have received exhtremely high marks across the board, and our favorite is Somnamax. You can read our review or go to the official site.

alterilAleteril - Will Alteril Really Help You Sleep?

Alteril is another sleep aid on the market that is being advertised as “All Natural”. These kinds of sleep pills are becoming very popular today because they generally usually do not cause the kinds of side effects and addictions that are caused by prescription sleep medications.

To be honest, there are some really good all natural sleep aids out there and I definitely prefer them to the prescription ones. Unfortunately Alteril is not one of them. Why not?

Lets go over two reasons why Alteril is one of the worst all natural sleeping pills out there.

1: Alteril - The Company

The company that makes the Alteril sleep aid is the number one reason why I would not buy it. Type “Alteril” into a Google search and the first page you will be directed to is one that is dedicated to people that have been scammed by the makers of Alteril.

This should be a HUGE red flag people, there are tons of people out there that have ordered a free trial of Alteril and ended up getting ripped off by the company.

Here is a recent example of one of the people who ordered Alteril:

“I ordered the so called trial box of Alteril and paid the postage. You are supposed to get seven days to see if it works and if not you can call and cancel future shipments. What they don’t tell you is that your trial period begins the day you order the first box. In my case it took 5 days to arrive so I really only had 2 days to decide. I called and cancelled because the product made me sick, but for some reason the jerk on the phone would not give me his name or a confirmation number for cancellation. I received another box the next day and I called again to cancel. I got the same response, except this time is was a female so I believe that they tell all of their employees to not give you any record of cancellation. To top it all off I sent back the un-opened extra box and they claim that it was empty upon arrival so I will not get my money back. These people are true dirt bags and would highly recommend you do not give them your credit card info. I am still receiving boxes even after I have called and cancelled 7 times.”

2: Alteril - The Product

The Website for Alteril does not list the complete ingredients. They list a few of the ingredients and then say that there are other additional ingredients. Here is a basic rule for you…if you cant get a complete list of ingredients, don’t buy the product! Also, there are lots of instances on the website where the Alteril people say that their product will not make you feel groggy in the morning, but after looking at reviews on websites like, lots of people have grogginess in the morning after using Alteril.

Don’t waste your time with a shady company and a useless product. There are better options out there.

If you want to try a sleep aid that does work and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, try one of the items listed below.

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As of today, Lunexor doesn't require a prescription, but because of Somnamax's strength and clinically proven ingredients, lawmakers may soon require a prescription for Somnamax.




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RestAid is an all-natural sleeping supplement that will help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and awake more refreshed. Not only does Restaid contain the patented ingredient Cysteine Peptide, but it also contains the perfect combination of Melatonin, which works naturally to synchronize your body’s daily patterns & rhythms (which include the sleep & wake cycles).

Restaid is so sure that you will get the best night's sleep ever that they offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!




Comments (137)

I am writing to tell you to not take any product with L-Tryptophan in it. I am a nurse, and witnessed a 24 year old man become paralyzed from the neck down. They had no idea what the cause was, and after about 4 weeks, determined it was from L-Tryptophan.....he was taking a "natural" suplement from a health food store, for sleep. Do NOT take this!!
#1 - LaurieB - 11/10/2008 - 21:26
Alteril is an overprice product that does not help me sleep
I have chronic insomnia. I saw the Alteril information that claimed to give free samples. There were really no free samples. They charge a 97 cent postage fee as a way to get credit card numbers. They then charge your credit card and send you expensive pills before you have a chance to see if they work. It seems like a scam to me. I did try the pills a couple times and they did not work. They are simply overprice OTC pills. The only thing that has worked for me are pills that my doctor has prescribed.:-P
#2 - rene - 12/25/2008 - 21:11
Report to this is a SCAM
DO NOT BUY"alteril" !!! This is a SCAM !!! This product doen't work and you can be hurt seriously !!!.They sell this medicine as herbal components, and I got Migraine after I take the first one pill and I didn't sleeped the entire night! Also DO GIVE TO THEM your Credit card # or your bank acct.#, they will not cancel your order an will send you a 30 days supply every week, to charge you $36.00+ S/H.
Please report thi medicine to or write to
#3 - Suzanne - 12/28/2008 - 07:49
Alteril is a scam. Doesn't work.
#4 - BJD - 01/05/2009 - 14:11
Thank you tio all reviewers! I was going to get this for my wife to try. You have saved us a lot of trouble.
#5 - Sid Booksh - 01/09/2009 - 10:56
Unfortunately, I have been scammed also, I specifically asked if I would be charged the monthly rate if the product was not received before 7 days, and I have not received the product and they have charged me.

#6 - E. Willis - 01/14/2009 - 09:22
Wow! I had no idea about all of this before googling "alteril" for a friend who was interested in checking it out. I'm glad I found this page first, and I sent her a link. Just for the record however, I've been taking Alteril nightly for almost 3 months now and have had NO ill effects. No headaches, or weird side affects so far. I usually fall asleep within 20 to 30 mins. of taking it, and sleep well all night long. It does not have a strong sedative affect like many sleep aids that many people are perhaps more used to experiencing. It's effects are subtle and gently penetrating, which has been a good thing in my world. And I don't like waking up groggy in the morning, and have yet to experience that either taking this product.

I find it disturbing that so many are having such a nasty experience with the company, that is just horrible what they are doing to people to take them up on their "free" offer. Pathetic. Someone should file a class action suit against them for these practices, and maybe someone WILL at the rate they're going.

This is obviously a case of BUYER BE AWARE!
#7 - Terri - 01/15/2009 - 04:04
PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT! I took it last week and had odd things happening inside my husband thought it was because I was overly tired! I took it again last night and I was praying to DIE! I had such horrible pain in my back that I couldn't stand, sit or lie down. Of course I refused to go to the hospital...because what could I say? I put ice packs up and down my spine until it was numb and was able to lie still. I fell asleep for about 30 minutes and I now have such a horrible migraine that I can barely type.
#8 - Ann - 01/19/2009 - 10:07
I've had the complete opposite results from Alteril. I didn't buy it myself, it was given to me by a family member and it's been great for helping me fall asleep. I've had chronic insomnia for over 7 years, and since I've been on the supplement I've been able to fall asleep before 3 AM regularly (something that's a big deal for me). I hope I never get any of the ill effects mentioned, but it's been working for me for the time being where dozens of prescriptions failed.
#9 - Matt - 01/26/2009 - 01:45
Unfortunately, i just ordered this product like two minutes ago. what's the customer service number so that i can cancel right away.
#10 - renita - 01/26/2009 - 03:53
:-D:-)Very happy with the results! After reading the reviews I thought not to take it. But, I could not go to sleep for nothing so I decided to take it! I purchased a box from Walmart and took two of them and I slept like a baby. No side effects whatsoever!
#11 - Debbie - 01/28/2009 - 14:40
i i got alteril at the store after reading this i am glad i got from the store instead of the mail.anyway i think the stuff is crap it did not do anything for me.
#12 - kevin - 01/29/2009 - 05:39
:-P I used it and it caused bad headaches>-(, I got sick to my stomach>-( and I have had severe lower back pains:oops:. I will not use it again. I bought it from CVS and it cost $9.99. So I didn't pay as much as some people but it still was alot of money. I didn't realize until after I bought it has not been looked at by the FDA.
#13 - Ann - 02/05/2009 - 13:57
Alteril sleep aid
My son ordered the "free" sample for me. It DOES NOT WORK. A couple of ibuprophen before bed works much better. Now, he's having a problem getting the charge stopped on his card and is planning to contact the State Attorney General and the BBB. We both should have known better.
#14 - Nan - 02/08/2009 - 15:24
Wow!! So glad I looked up Alteril. I bought mine from Wal-mart. I have alot of trouble sleeping, and I take other meds. I thought I would get on here and find about medicine reactions with this pill. However this site scared the crap out of me. I can say I will not be trying this pill, already get migranes......lower back and neck pain, so dont need that.......and the nurse talking about the L-trytophan messing you up...this product contains 666mg. So thanks to everyones feed back on this med.:-o
#15 - Bev - 02/10/2009 - 22:07
This product has L- Tryptophan. I have a friend who took a sleeping pill containing this and became severly ill and is still suffering side effects. This happened 10 years ago, she is still paralyzied. The pill was banned and pulled from the shelves. Now here is another sleeping pill with the same L- Trptophan, how is this possible? do not take this pill
#16 - Joan M Rymill - 02/11/2009 - 07:13
I have suffered from insomnia on and off for over 30 years. I use to take OTC sleep aides and they started giving me leg cramps. I am embarrassed to say that I even developed a drinking problem because I would drink every night just to get to sleep. I saw this product @ Walmart and decided what the hell and bought it. The 1st time I took it I was amazed how well it worked. I have given up the booze and drink a cup of "sleepy time tea" and take 2 Alteril and I feel and sleep better than ever before. Everyone is different and drugs don't effect us all the same, but thank God it works for me
#17 - Cindy - 02/11/2009 - 22:32
Like most people on this site I got almost ripped off too. For 97 cents I was supposed to get a week trial. Instead of being able to test it they sent me another larger shipment and charged my bank card. I called them and complained that I did not even have a chance to try it except for one pill. I got a really snotty person in their "customer service department." I was calm and nice about the shipment and she got really nasty and then hung up on me. I decided to call my bank and tell them that there was an unauthorized charge on my bank card. Two days later I got a refund on all of it. Now I have a bunch of these pills and after reading some of the revues I am afraid to take them and I am going to throw them out. Don't buy this product, It seems that they don't work, but more than that the company doesn't care about their customers at all.
#18 - Kurt - 02/13/2009 - 14:28
Oh. I had NO IDEA. I have no doubt about the unfortunate people who got scammed, but I'm really not sure about all those scary effects people are reporting. I actually grabbed Alteril at a CVS sale where you paid $10 for it, and got $10 back as Extra Bucks (store credit). So, essentially I got a 30-day supply for free. I tried it right away and it honestly worked for me. I slept well for the entire month.

Now my supply has run out and I tried something else for the last 3 days, but haven't slept well at all. So I was going to switch back to Alteril today. Now these reviews have me really hesitant. :(
#19 - Tanechka - 02/13/2009 - 17:55
The commerical states that it contains L-Tryptophan; I was using L-Tryptophan for trichotillomania in 1989, it helped me control this disorder more than any prescription meds I have tried, however on March 22, 1990 FDA banned L-Tryptophan for public use stating it caused a rare & deadly flu-like condition (Eosinophilia-Myalgia Syndrome/EMS), but allowed its use in baby formula, cattle feed, and IV drips. On March 26, 1990, "Newsweek" featured a lead article praising the anti-depressant Prozac.

Increased levels of serotonin helps to relieve depression & PMS, conrols pain, induces sleep, helps ease alcohol withdraws.

Prozac enhances serotonin and L-Tryptophan produces serotonin, the most effective way to elevate serotonin is to use a producer rather than a serotonin enhancer.

On February 9, 1993, a US government patent (#5185157) was issued to use L-Tryptophan to treat, and cure EMS, the same deadly flu-like condition which prompted the FDA to take L-Tryptophan off the market in 1989, seems very coincidental did the manufactures of Prozac influence FDA?

Research traced the flu-like condition to contaminants found in batches of L-Tryptophan made by the Japanese company.

In 1998 my doctor wrote me a prescription for drugstore stocked it, I called the manufacture in Raleigh, NC...they said the only way I could get the prescription fill was with approval from FDA.

Unless FDA has approved L-Trytophan for public use,(if they have I would like to know) I would be cautious of Alterial's claims and how they obtained it.
#20 - Cathy - 02/13/2009 - 23:26
I'm glad I bought mine at CVS instead of over the phone because all of that headache is certainly not worth it for this product. It helped me feel drowsy before bed, but not in a good way, more like a sick way. It wasn't a deep sleep, so I was waking up constantly. About four-five hours later I woke up with a completely alert mind and a completely exhausted body. I tried for another hour and a half to fall back asleep but I just could not turn my brain off. Now I'm exhausted and achey.

I do not reccommend this product at all.
#21 - Jess - 02/14/2009 - 12:38
Note: For those of you mentioning severe back pain, you might want to alert your doctor:

There have been no published cases of EMS within the last several years, but you should be aware of the symptoms. Stop using L-tryptophan and call your doctor or care practitioner at once if you have any of these signs of EMS: severe muscle pain (most often in the shoulders, back, or legs); weakness, numbness, tingling, or burning pain (especially at night); tremors or twitching muscle movements; swelling in any part of your body; skin changes (dryness, yellowing, hardening); breathing difficulty; uneven heartbeat.
Less serious side effects are more likely to occur. Talk to your doctor or care practitioner about any side effect that seems unusual or that is especially bothersome.
#22 - Jess - 02/14/2009 - 12:46
All of the 'main' ingredients like L-tryptophan (an amino acid), valarin, an herbal supplement, etc can all be bought seperatly. And then you can try one at a time or in combination. Your MD should really know about this, since they should have taken a few pharm and biochem classes on their way to becoming a doctor. When it comes to ANY medication, even otc, talk to a doctor or a pharmacist (not a pharm tech!) about it first!
#23 - Anna - 02/15/2009 - 00:41
:-( If you want to understand the possible problems that can happen by taking L-Tryptophan, google Eosinophilia-Myalgia Syndrome. This illness is believed to have been caused by impure L-Tryptophan manufactured by a Japanese company, Showa Denko. This epidemic killed and sickened people in 1989-1990. There were Congressional hearings in 1991 on this. I know: I was seriously ill and participated in the effort to secure the hearings. There is no info about how the Alteril LTP was manufactured on the Alteril web site. Better be very careful--Be safe, not sorry. Check everything out very carefully if you intend to put it in your body. LTP was removed from the market, but I always knew it would be back!
#24 - Cheryl Everett - 02/15/2009 - 21:43
My husband kept asking me to order this product. I have been scamed before with products on-line that work wonders and they end up taking your credit number and automatically charge and ship the product before your free sample. I was looking for sleep aid products at different stores and came across this product at Walmart. I paid half the price and tried it and it didn't work.
Advise....try finding the product at local stores. You don't lose too much money or sleep.
#25 - Rachel - 02/16/2009 - 10:49
I'm glad I checked this page out!!! I was going to order for my daughter who has had trouble sleeping for some time now. She has migranes to begin with so thank you to all who posted your experiences here for us to see :-) Seems like someone should be checking on this company not only for business practices but for some of the side effects people are having...headaches...back pain??? SCARY :-[]
#26 - Barb - 02/16/2009 - 13:23
I ordered a sample of Alteril and should have taken the hint of a scam when a pop-up offered me a penis enhancement drug for the same great discount!
It took 10 days to get my weeks sample, by which time, I had already been charged for the full month's supply. I used it for about a week when my stomach started hurting badly every time I went to bed. Ouch! this isn't working! so, I can't return the product for a refund because it was opened! So they cheated me out of my money and I'm waiting to see if the charges continue on my debit card account.
The guy on the phone was arguing with me about the "original agreement when I signed up for the sample" and then said, "but in any case, you will not be getting a refund on the product since you opened the package!" - at which point, I hung up!
#27 - Norma - 02/16/2009 - 18:50
I purchased this yesterday and used it last night. It was one of the worse nights of my life. I would rather suffer from insomnia than to have the side affects I had last night. I thought I was going to have to be taken to the hospital. I should have reviewed the product before I wasted $15.00. Lesson learned. I guess I will have to go back to taking my presciption Ambien. BEWARE of this product. It was a very scary evening for me and I would not want anyone to experience what I did.
#28 - Kari - 02/17/2009 - 18:20
I've had much better luck than most reviewers on this product. I fall asleep easy now (within an hour of taking) and stay asleep the whole night. I feel refreshed the next day... none of the grogginess I'm used to with other OTC sleep meds. Good product.
#29 - Linsey - 02/22/2009 - 00:58
I've been taking 1 pill of Alteril for about a week. I'm sleeping better than I ever have with no morning grogginess. However, I've been getting stomach cramps and my period was 4 days late (very unusual). Now I'm crampy and spotting and not sure I should continue. Kari, what happened that you almost went to the hospital? Sorry to hear you suffered unnecessarily. Hope you're feeling better...
#30 - Sleepy in suburbia - 03/04/2009 - 21:36
Very bad and super unhealthy product, this company also makes a product called "extenze" which is a male enhancement drug which also seems to have a long list of complaints just like alteril... Stay clear of this shady company!
#31 - jenny - 03/08/2009 - 22:23
Thanks everyone. I was going to try this product but your warnings stopped me cold. I hope the bums at that Company read this and learn that good folks like yourselves will, in time, prevail and scam purveyors will not survive. Let's keep it up and stay hopeful.
#32 - Jim - 03/09/2009 - 20:03
#33 - JAMES EDWARD WILLIAMS - 03/12/2009 - 05:09
Sure happy i found this page about the bad reviews about this product-

I saw the fine print about being charged for a monthly fee

Icalled the number and told me that Walmart Stores had it

But after what I read, I'm not willing to gamble with all the side affects
Enough said
#34 - MIke - 03/17/2009 - 15:04
Alteril review
I have to disagree with some of the negative comments regarding Alteril and the use of L tryptophan. People, you need to understand and do your research, coming from one researcher here - L-tryptophan (also known as tryptophan) is an essential amino acid. This means that humans must obtain it from dietary sources -- the body cannot produce L-tryptophan. Even though it is found in many foods, L-tryptophan dietary supplements are also available. These supplements are claimed to be useful for treating a variety of conditions, such as: anxiety depression and sleep probs. It works for me.
#35 - Bill - 03/18/2009 - 15:42
The origin of the L-Tryptophan in Alteril sounds a bit scary... I've had no bad effects at all. Maybe it's because I eat a big turkey sandwich (turkey has lots American L-Tryptophan) and watch the weather channel...
#36 - Ahnold - 03/19/2009 - 11:20
I have also been scammed by this company. Rather than repeat the details of my story, I think it will more helpful to warn others that Alteril has recieved a grade of "F" from the Better Business Bureau, the worst grade possible. Here is where you can review the report for Alteril (aka "Biotab," aka "Maximizer Health Products") in Monrovia, CA:

Here is what a grade of "F" means:
"We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices."
#37 - r - 03/21/2009 - 18:54
:-( I took this product for 2 weeks with absolutely NO effect whatsoever. It was like taking an aspirin. I have had insomnia due to the stress of my job(paramedic)for almost 6 yrs now. Quitting my job is not an option. I have even tried prescription sleep meds and they work the first 2 or 3 times and then never again. The only thing that helps me sleep is old fashion OTC sleep aid(diphenhydramine). And my tolerance to it is rediculous. I have to take in upwards of 300mg (6 50mg pills) to get any rest. I feel like I am doomed to never have a normal night's sleep and my body suffers for it every single day.
#38 - Shelley - 03/23/2009 - 02:17
I urge anyone who suffers from depression or is taking meds for depression and anxiety...please do not take this product without first consulting you doctor. I made the mistake of taking this product 3 days ago because I had trouble sleeping at night. I began feeling sick to my stomach and dizzy and my head just didn't feel right, but I didn't think it was from the Alteril. I took it again the third night and 15 minutes after taking it I began to have really bad thoughts that just took over and wouldn't stop and it's been 15 hours and it's still happening. I read that it can mess with the seritonin levels in your brain and may be mixing badly with my medication I am currently taking. I feel like I have the flu, my stomach is so upset and feel very anxious and can't stop having these bad thoughts and crying. I am a very stable person and never ever had this happen to me before. I made no changes in my life within the last 3 days besides taking this product. I pray that this will go away because it is so upsetting and disturbing and I wish I would have looked this stuff up before taking it. Please be careful when taking this. It didn't help me sleep either. It may be right for some, but not for everyone.
#39 - Jennifer - 03/24/2009 - 17:10
I have been a night shift worker for 20+ years, and have suffered from insomnia for many of those years. I have tried many different products, both prescription and over the counter, and Alteril has been the best one yet for me. I cannot believe how well I have been sleeping, both during the day and the night. I find it works even better than ambien. I am sorry that people have had difficulty with the product, but everyone reacts differently to things. I bought mine at walmart.
#40 - Cathy - 03/25/2009 - 04:12
Well, I don't know why it surprises people that a drug company would try to rip you off. Drug companies aren't looking out for your best interest, they are looking to scam you. $$$$$$$$

I bought a box at Wal-mart and it didn't do much. So I stopped taking it, especially after studying L-Tryptophan supplements in one of my nursing classes. Yes, this is a natural amino acid but taking one dose of Alteril (which is two pills) is almost 700 mg of L-Tryptophan.

Anyways, I personally wouldn't recommand it, especially since it costs so much. And I become very sick to my stomach, but of course all people will experience different side effects.

I'll stick to my tea and NyquilB-)
#41 - Nicole - 03/27/2009 - 05:12
I agree with all of the BAD reviews for this product. I was so thrilled to see it advertised because I was having trouble sleeping at night, and wanted something natural to help me. When I received the "trial" offer, I tried it for a couple days, and it made me tired...but like the one reviewer stated...not in a good way. It didn't help me at all, so I called and cancelled...but within a couple days a whole month's supply arrived at my door. I sent the whole thing back, unopened, and never got a refund. It was the biggest scam I have ever gotten roped in to. You're better off with a cup of warm milk...or a couple pain relievers!
#42 - Laurie Jarkiewicz - 03/28/2009 - 15:53
I have a lot of trouble going to sleep at night and when I finally do it is almost impossible to stay asleep for more than a couple hours at a time so I decided to try Alteril after seeing the commercial. I bought a box from Wal-Mart and tried it last night, terrible idea. I was awake, tossing and turning all night. I slept much worse than I usually do and I definitely do not recommend this product. Waste of 13 bucks
#43 - batman - 04/08/2009 - 12:41
alteril vs ambien vs benzo
I saw the CM for this product and had high hopes of finally finding a curing for my 10 consecutive years of dealing with a dead brain from the lack of sleep and troubles of sleeping and being able to cope with a day with not feeling groggy and brain dead. I have been on all kinds of benzo meds for sleep. I also have been on ambien for a year. Ambien is just as bad as the rest of the sleep aids out in the market which causes loss of memory and sometimes resulting in total confusion/amnesia. Pro-long use of ambien. benzo, will result in habbit forming, increase tolerance and the need to dose up gradually and becoming brainless and inability to understand simple logic. I'm glad I have read all the reviews here. I am not going to consider the use of that dangerous drug alteril. Thanks for all your contribution and input.
#44 - Mi - 04/30/2009 - 02:33
must say thank you to everyone that submitted info on their experience with this product. i take caution whenever i see adverse events with such products. to end up with more problems than when you started..even potentialy is not even worth it. and to hear of peoples problems with their credit and bank accts. soon no one will trust infomericals or anyone selling anything on tv...too mucj hassle..dishonest shady companies ripping people off...a real shame..again thanks to all that post here:-)
#45 - keith - 05/20/2009 - 20:35
I think this product works pretty well. I have chronic insomnia took ambien, lunesta, ambien cr and had horrible side affects with them (only would sleep 2 hours/horrible panic attacks to where I almost had to check myself in) I stopped taking the prescription meds and started to take this, it gets me to sleep, no side effects, but I work third shift and usually wake up periodically after taking the product. Overall happy with the product just wish I could sleep longer
#46 - megan - 06/07/2009 - 11:04
Like so many here I have trouble staying asleep (use trazadone to go to sleep) and I thought I'd try Alteril. Not after reading all the comments. I always research a med before I use it, and this time it paid off. I usually take 100mg trazadone and 1 Tylenol before I go to bed. Fall asleep easily but wake up between 3:00 and 4:00. Take 1/2 tylenol then and sleep the rest of the night. No hangover. I just don't feel like I get a full night of good rest and thought Alteril would be my answer, but I'm not willing to play with my mind and body. How did it pass FDA, or did it?
#47 - Anne - 06/19/2009 - 18:26
Alteril Review
I bought my Alteril directly from CVS thus skipped dealing all that crap about the "free offer" shown on TV.

Alteril works ok for me so far. I have no side effects at all. Its all natural and does not rely on the Diphenhydramine as so many OTC sleeping pills do.

Alteril has L-Tryptophan (666mg), Valerian Extract (40 mg), and Melatonin (4 mg) along with other herbs and other stuff.

Someone in an earlier post mentioned about L-Tryptophan being harmful. L-Tryptophan has not cause me any trouble. I used to order it off the internet as a supplement and the pills came as just straight L-Tryptophan - designed for being sleep aids. I took those and I didn't get any noticeable side effects, rather they appeared to not do anything at all.
#48 - Daniel - 07/03/2009 - 23:13
I am extremely happy with Alteril and have never slept better in my life. I get groggy and the 'good tired' feeling in about 30 minutes after taking it and fall into a very comfortable sleep. :-)
I have had severe insomnia for many many years now and love the results. This all natural sleep aid is the only thing that has ever worked for me. :-D
I have more energy during the day because I am getting a great night's sleep - FINALLY!:-D
#49 - Chris - 07/04/2009 - 01:47
I have insomnia and i got alteril from cvs. It cost about ten dollars. It worked so good. I take two pills every night and i fall asleeep within the the hour. i have had no side affects either. I recommened thia product. But if you want to try it get it a a drug store like cvs. :-D
#50 - Emily h - 07/08/2009 - 09:49
B-)I bought this product and after reading the reviews decided it is not for me - but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!!! These reviews are better than America's Funniest Home Videos. I laughed until I cried.
#51 - Leroy Jones - 07/12/2009 - 18:05
people read the reviews this product really does cause severe back pain me and my buddy drove to carlisle for the car show and i decided to try alteril out ,bought 5 packages from the drug store ;was bringing it back to canada,and right after my wonderful 2 hour sleep [thats all]i got up in the mornning with severe back pain i thought i pulled it ,tried again the next night same buddies back was hurting to ,but we did not put 2 ans 2 together.when im back in canada i google alteril and get all these back pain stories finally clicked in threw all 4 remaining boxes in the garbage now im sure everybody will not get back pains but there is on heck of alot of us who do,you cannot tell me if they did trials that they did not run into this problem,there are far to many people complaining about the same proplem be careful
#52 - don hirtle - 07/18/2009 - 12:19
Anyone who sends in for a "free trial" is asking for trouble, plain and simple.
I had never heard of Alteril (don't watch late night gimmick Infomercials), but picked up a box of 30 tabs for 8.99 at CVS after reading the list of ingredients - Tryptophan, Valerian, GABA, Melatonin, Passion flower, Hops, Skullcap, Chamomile and glycine.
Works great! Better than just melatonin or valerian alone, and much better than kava kava...
#53 - drootie - 07/22/2009 - 13:33
I saw the advertisement for Alteril on TV. While shopping at a local drugstore I found the product on the shelf. I bought it as I have been working the night shift and want to return to a normal schedule as my night gig job is over. I have tried Melatonin, and other over the counter sleep aids, none worked. Sadly, neither did this. It does not help me sleep at all.
With 666 mg of L-Tryptophan, which I believe is what makes people drowsy after a big turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, I had higher hopes.
Even with Valerian root, GABA, Melatonin, Passion Flower Herb, Hops, Skullcap, Chamomile and glycine I am not sleeping any better, longer or sooner.

Does not work for me.
#54 - Ken - 07/22/2009 - 13:39
Bought Alteril from Wal-Mart for $4 on clearance.. went to research the ingredients more online, found this page, and now my wife and I are afraid to use it. We researched l-tryptophan and melatonin among other ingredients and came across a lot of warnings, side-effects and diseases associated with these ingredients. Some people may even have allergies to them. Contaminated tryptophan in 1989 made the FDA take it off the market due to deaths, paralysis and a disease similar to fibromyalgia. Not really worth the risk to us.

The tryptophan in Alteril is l-tryptophan LT-ONE, which is supposed to be better regulated and tested to be uncontaminated. That's a good sign, but I still wouldn't trust cultured tryptophan. If you need LTP, just get it from foods, much safer and more natural - milk, cheese, and turkey all have it.

We've also used Valerian before, another ingredient in Alteril, and it made our stomachs feel TERRIBLE. My wife even threw it back up violently and I had horrible stomach cramps and couldn't sleep. Harsh stuff!

We have used something before called Power to Sleep PM from Irwin Naturals with good results. We recommend that. My wife usually has side-effects from EVERYTHING and Power to Sleep did nothing to her. We both slept well on it. Maybe some of you should try that.
Good luck, sleep well(when you do sleep!).
#55 - Jeff Jones - 07/26/2009 - 00:40
The sample worked for my husband, the full box was sent IMMEDIATELY before having a chance to try the product. Because the sample worked I gave some to my mom. The full order made my husband and my elderly mother seriously ill. They vomited, diarreah, headache, stomach ache -- and no sleep. When I tried to notify Maximizer Health Products of the possible harm to others I was RUDELY treated, refused to allow me to speak with a manager, hung up on. I reported to BBB and after months received a refund to a defunct gift card I no longer have and they will not help me retrieve the information where they sent the money to. Poorest run company I've delt with in a long time. I recommend not buying from Alteril or Maximizer Health Products.
#56 - Dianna - 07/27/2009 - 17:26
I am usually ok with strong medication - need two Tylenol PM pills and two melatonin pills to put me to sleep. So decided to try this as most of the online materials did say that L-Tryptophan is converted to melatonin. Well I took it, fortunately I only took one pill. In about an hour I started feeling funny, everything had a daze around it and felt closer to overdosing on melatonin but way stronger!! And then things started getting crazier - crazy thoughts as something/someone was going to attack me. I was very sleepy but couldnt sleep becuase of the fear. And when I really did sleep (so to be sure this does makes you sleepy) I had some crazy crazy dreams and was waking up many times sweating profusely. In short, I think this works - makes you sleepy - but considering the delusions/dreams I would NOT recommend this..please be careful :-[]
#57 - Matt - 07/27/2009 - 22:12
:-)I have been taking Alteril for about a month, and I have nothing bad to say about it. I fall asleep within 30 minutes after taking it, I am not groggy the next morning, and I sleep through the night. Plus, I can buy it without begging a doctor for a prescription. My advice is to try it, but bypass communicating with any jerks mentioned above, and just get it at Wal Mart.
#58 - amanda - 08/13/2009 - 09:52
alteril sleep med
:-)I am sorry to disagree (not really), but I must disagree. My husband has suffered insomnia since childhood. He tried this a couple of years ago and it worked great. I tried it for occasional sleeping problems, and it worked for me also. Just because a medication doesn't work for you doesn't mean it won't for someone else. Also, this product is sold in my local Walmart, so I don't have to worry about the mail-order problems.
#59 - Oregonrose - 08/20/2009 - 00:17
I am so happy,that I found this page. I'm sitting here with my credit card getting to order this shit. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH.:-o
#60 - Beatrice - 08/21/2009 - 00:41
Im extremely happy with this product.. I used to be on prescription meds for sleep, and became dependant on them.. I started the alteril 4 months ago, and it has worked wonders for me.. Im sorry for everyone who has had a bad experience of some kind, either with the meds or the company, but i buy my alteril from Wal-Mart, for 10 bucks, and have slept the best ever.. I no longer take any precription meds, and feel so much better.. Thanks Alteril;-)
#61 - Margaret - 08/27/2009 - 13:06

I've taken Alteril 3 times. The first time, I got very sleepy about an hour/hour and a half into it. I slept like a rock and for a really long time. The second time I took it was on an overnight flight to Europe. It made me tired but I couldn't fall asleep, probably because planes are so loud. The third time I took it, I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. My heart was beating fast and irregularly (this happens to me a lot but I can feel the difference of normal 'benign' episodes and what Alteril did to me), I felt nauseated, I had pain in my arm, and I felt anxious and fearful. All around it sucked, although I did get really tired and I slept a long time. I will not take Alteril again.
#62 - Becca - 08/31/2009 - 21:00
I bought Alteril at CVS, talked to the pharmacist about any counter indications since I also take Lisinopril for blood pressure, he said it was fine.

Alteril worked very well for me. The first night it "sucked me under" in a weird way that kinda scared me so I fought it and stayed awake, but finally it won over and I slept the best sleep I've had in years.

Tried it the second night and did not get the weird feeling before falling asleep, sleep soundly, awoke with lots of energy and no hangover like I'd get taking benadryl before bed.

I give the product thumbs up.
#63 - Linda - 09/08/2009 - 22:29

L-tryptophan is one of the important amino acids for your body. Your body will convert L-tryptophan to a hormone called serotonin which regulates your mood, sleep, and blood flow (by way of blood vessel constriction). This medication is not for everyone.

It is very dangerous for elderly, people who have mood disorders, liver disease, and heart disease, people currently taking medication for mood disorders, people who takes an antibiotics called Zyvox (linezolid), people who on methamphetamine (speed), and people who on HIV medications.

Please do not recommend to any of you friends you have the above conditions, you could be responsible if something happened to them.
#64 - John - 10/01/2009 - 20:04
Alteril is the ONLY thing that has worked for my insomnia! I had insomnia 5-7 nights a week, could not sleep for days a a time for years. I had tried many prescription and natural remedies and treatments. Finally my husband bought a box of Alteril at Walmart and I was amazed that within an hour I was feeling sleepy and wanting to go to bed. I went to be feeling relaxed and woke up 8 1/2 hours later on my own with no grogginess. I have been using it now for several months and am so thankful for this product. My acupuncturist told me that everyone's bodies are different so people respond/react to varying degrees to herbals. Alteril is the right combination for my body.
#65 - Annette - 10/23/2009 - 07:08
:-) I tried Alteril and LOVED it! I had never tried a sleep aid before and when I switched jobs and had to wake at 4am Monday-Friday for work and after seeing Alteril advertised on TV, decided to try it. I bought Alteril at Wal-Mart so I didn't have to go through a scam as everyone else. It was around $14 for a one month supply. It said to use two pills but it worked so well for me that I only needed one. I slept great without waking during the night and when I woke up wasn't groggy or sick as I feared I would be never taking anything to help me sleep before. My only problem is that Wal-Mart in my town no longer sells Alteril. If anyone reads this and knows where I can buy some without going through the internet scam, please let me know here. I would love to buy more. Oh, and I only used it if I couldn't get to sleep. If I didn't feel the need to use this sleep aid I wouldn't. So I was also glad it's not habit forming :-)
#66 - Wendy - 12/16/2009 - 16:50
I absolutely LOVE Alteril. Ive developed major sleeping problems since my Boppy passed away, getting only 2-5 hours of sleep a night, if any. I started taking an ex boyfriends left over perscription Trazodone a month after i noticed that my sleeping patern changed. Those pills made me very jittery and very opposite of sleepy. Although I'm not perscribed to Alteril either, I bought it from GNC about a month ago and take it whenever i dont feel tired before 1AM. Let me tell you it honestly puts me to sleep within the hour. I'm sorry to hear about all the side effects and trouble with the shipping that company seems to be giving to everyone that bought the free trial, but purchase it from your local drug store and you may be better off. As some others mentioned, different people experience different side effects from the Ltryptophan but knock on wood i have not had an issue with it yet and i sleep like a baby now!
#67 - liz - 01/05/2010 - 01:37

Thank you John (#64) for cautioning us about the elderly about taking this product. Wish we had read the reviews before the purchase. We are 59 and 65 respectively and purchased Alteril from Walmart. The first time I used it I slept well all night and woke refreshed. My experience since then has been anything but...waking up after about 4 hours and wide awake. My husband however has experienced drowsiness W/O sleep, nausea, leg and stomach cramps, and awful gas/indigestion. Wish they had a satisfaction back guarantee!
#68 - Ellie - 01/06/2010 - 10:28
Alteril works for me. I have tried prescription drugs and experienced grogginess to the max, which I had to counteract with caffeine--two cups of strong coffee. With Alteril, I wake up refreshed and well rested. Of course, my body chemistry is different and drugs that work for most people either don't work for me, or I am allergic to them.
#69 - Mary - 01/14/2010 - 15:01
:-o Just picked some up today @ CVS for $10 I cant sleep for $h!+ anymore so i thought it might be worth a shot after taking 300mg of unisom + 15-30mg of Temazepam and sleeping for 2hrs Not sure how this will go I have tried all of the ingredients sperately in the past with no ill effect so unless there is something else funky in there that is not on the label I should be good Fingers crossed!
#70 - Curios - 01/21/2010 - 12:42
I have been using Alteril for about two weeks now, and for me it works great, helps me to fall asleep which I was having trouble doing for years, and most of the time if I do wake up during the night, I can get right back to sleep with no problem. Guess everyone is different as to how it works on someone.
#71 - Eileen - 01/29/2010 - 16:17
I bought my box of Alteril at Walmart. It does help me relax enough to sleep, but I can be awake on it tossing and turning in bed for up to 2 hours after it kicks in. It makes me nauseous and woozy in a bad way like I'm sick or on a hallucinogen. I get a strong sense of unreality on it, a severe headache and it creates bad thoughts in my head too, like last night when I took it and was trying to sleep, scenerios of people screaming at each other and beating each other up were running through my head and I couldn't get rid of them. I am not a violent person and I don't behave in the way I was imagining behaving. I am not an angry person yet I felt angry. That was strange to say the least. Sometimes when I take it, my stomache feels as hard as a rock inside me along with the nausea, and every time I take it, I wake up 2 hours or so after having fallen asleep and have difficulty getting back to sleep. Sleeping naturally, I do not wake up after falling asleep until 8 hours have passed. On this stuff, I wake up frequently after 2 hours after falling asleep. I also have a hard time getting myself to wake up for the day on it, and I have a residual headache from the night before for at least an hour after waking, and my head and tummy feel off all day the next day after taking Alteril. But it does make me sleep earlier than I would naturally, if I take it early. Its unpleasant enough to make me wish for something else to take to sleep. I don't have money for the doctor, so over the counter is it for me. I think I could just go out and buy some valerian root and take it with melatonin and see if that works without these side effects. Also I think I might have an allergy to something in Alteril, because I get really itchy on top of the headache, nausea, and unpleasant "trips" in my head that come with taking this for me.
#72 - Nina - 02/01/2010 - 17:05
I have ordered and used it for a cpl. of days now and I am very pleased with the product. I wake up refreshed and fall easier asleep, so just what I needed. I haven't get charged the whole prize yet, because I still have the trial.'
It upsets me thoug, that some ppl. have problems with the med or the company, it shouldn't be like that, that ppl have to begg for their money back if it got promised, mostly if you aint happy with the product. ;-)
#73 - Dolores - 02/03/2010 - 10:19
Got this stuff from CVS for $10 off the shelf after seeing the ads on TV. I had one of the worst times ever! It did not make me feel drowsy/tired in the least. After about 2 hours, I started to get horrible headaches, restless leg, shooting pains in my back/stomache/chest, itching all over, agitation, and then vomiting. I finally slept hours later after all these symptoms subsided! It's funny how these awesome side-effects were not mentioned in the advertisements. I've had terrible hangovers that felt better than this.
#74 - lenny - 03/04/2010 - 00:29
>-( This Product Really sucks ! I Paid $14.00 For This And I Want My Money back ! Seems Like Someone Would Sue The Hell Out Of This Company . Now Theres A Thought ....I Would Have To Say to Anyone Reading This DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT !! ME AND MY BOYFRIEND Both Got Flu-Like Symptoms Behind Taking This Medicine And Our Lower Backs Started Hurting Really bad . I Had Sharp Pains Shooting Down My Back.:oops:So If You Are Smart Watch Out For This Company ! They Are A Rip Off
#75 - Bennett - 03/14/2010 - 00:40
I have tried every type of sleep aid (including Ambien), and nothing worked. Alteril has worked wonders everytime! I'm kinda scared of all these side effects that other people have experienced, but for me it's amazing! I am actually sleeping now. I work many different shifts for work so my sleep was always off..not any more. Seriously a great product for me atleast.
#76 - Jake - 03/18/2010 - 18:41
>-( Have chronic insomnia and bought this product at Walmart - (Advertised to Fall asleep faster & stay asleep - reduce nighttime awakenings- all natural) - sounded great! However I took this as directed last night (2 pills) and I was awake or in a semi-alert state(with horrible images) ALL NIGHT! This stuff is definitely a health hazard for me!
#77 - BJ - 03/22/2010 - 20:33
i've seen the commercial i doubt that's a real dr.. i'm trying to find a sleep aide when i wake up i'm not groggy generic for ambein does
#78 - Gary - 03/26/2010 - 21:43
:-D I've used Alteril from sample packs I got at CVS, just to try. I've tried every OTC and prescription sleeping pills. Melatonin, benadryl, Lunesta and the one that left me overtired Ambien and Ambien CR. I have to say Alteril left me without that hangover effect, and I seem to sleep sound. I have always wanted to try L-tryptophan since the oldest living sisters, Emma Tillman, which lived to be 114 years old and her sister, Ava Stewart who, lived to be 102 used it. I have to say it worked for me without any side effects. I didn't have any weird thoughts for behaviors.
#79 - Elaine - 04/03/2010 - 10:16
:-D I tried Alteril (and I love it) after becoming desensitized to the antihistimines in most OTC sleep aids. I used to take L-Tryptophan and loved it. I have not had a good nights' sleep since it was banned in the '90's. I had even doctor shopped to get Xanax, but that got hard after a couple of years. I have been using melatonin in ever increasing doses but was getting worried about the amount I was taking. Standing in line to pick up a perscription at WalMart I noticed the sleep aids. Started reading the ingredients on Alteril and almost came unglued! L-Tryptophan, my old buddy, was back! Took it with me to my next doctor appointment to see if any of it would mess me up in combination with my regular meds. She told me I'd be fine and then told me that L-Tryptophan was taken off the FDC ban list after an extensive investigation proved that the contaminated batches were from a Japanese company. I recently went to buy some more Alteril at WalMart and it is no longer on their shelf. I went to the health food store and got some L-Tryptophan and mix it with melatonin and I sleep like a baby! I work the graveyard shift and have to sleep in the daytime, so that is another strike against me in the insomnia department. You will hear no criticism from me about Alteril and I hope I can find it at another retailer soon. :-P
#80 - Ronda - 04/11/2010 - 05:02
After reading all 80 comments, I discovered there are 3 things Alteril will do: Work, Not Work, or have Really Bad Side Effects. The most telling thing is the treatment customers get from the mail-order side. That's a big red flag. (Not to worry about what's at the top of the Google list when entering 'Alteril'. A good webmaster can manipulate key search arguments to keep a specific company near the top - our car club does that)
Found it at GNC, tried it & found it didn't work. After reading the possible side effects & customer service attitude, we trashed the remainder. Printed out pages on this site & gave it to my GNC manager. Thanks to everyone for their input.
#81 - Michael - 05/08/2010 - 11:09
i do and i dont recomend this product. if you read why then you will understand. just want to say that it does work sorta i have tried 1 at a time befor gooing to bed and waited took it next night 3 hours b4 going to bed still notheing so i took two an hour b4 again nothing so i took it again next night 3 hours b4 again finally started to get drousy. and i noticed it helped me sleep more then 2 to 3 hours ata time like im used to im trying 3 for several days seems to still take several hours to start working but has helped the only draw back is sever gas 1 or 3 still have sever gas no pains as long as im able to release and not hold it in so if your on a date or with someone i dont recomend this product. i do think a stronger dosage would work for me however the fall back of the gas i wonder if it would increase as well good luck.
#82 - Bob - 05/10/2010 - 00:18
I have been taking Alteril for several months now. I must say that I love it. It has never failed me or made me sick. As a matter of fact, it is the only thing I have found to work. I'm thankful that I have not gone thru any these horror stories and I am just as sorry that all of you have.:-)
#83 - Lillie - 06/01/2010 - 16:23
I LOVE ALTERIL!!! I have been on every imaginable prescription anti (everything) from antidepressants to antianxiety to sleep aids for about 8 years. I have been prescribed Ambien for about the last 4 years and have taken it daily...never increasing the dosage but having major hallucinations and amnesia from it...casing a lot of toubles in my personal and professional life. I tried Alteril for the first time and slept better than I had slept in the last 8 years after trying all types of medications for sleep. It gives you a warm nice sleepy feeling without the harsh side effects. I have allergies to many medications and severe adverse reactions to many meds. I have experiences NO side effects what so ever with Alteril. It works better than Ambien in my opinion and will give you the same sedative effect as Ambien without the memory loss. I purchased mine at a local Walgreens for just under 10 dollars. Seriously the best $10 I've ever spent!!!!
#84 - Kelly - 06/13/2010 - 22:58
Alteril works great! The best sleep I have ever had. I am not sure if the point of this website is to peddle those other very expensive alternatives.
To the people that got suckered into those auto delivery programs; shame on you. You should know better. I am sure it was VERY clear in the terms and conditions (if you took time to read it or ask for it) what the deal was.
#85 - dino - 07/06/2010 - 23:55
i have found alteril to be very helpful and i now sleep better than i have in a long time.i am sorry to hear about the disasters it has caused some people.i wont renew it when i run out but i will continue what i have.
#86 - lita - 07/08/2010 - 14:37
@ #81 Michael - "A man that know everything knows that he's knows nothing at all." Lol! I had to laugh when I saw your posting. That's how I'm feeling right now. After reading these postings, I see it works for some and not others. Which that's life anyways but, it looks like I'm going to have a problem with them charging my card so I need to address that quickly as I just ordered the product last night. I even paid the $5 so I can get it faster! Had I known it was in the stores, I would have just picked it up from there. NOW after stumbling across this site, I'm afraid to try it once I do receive it! I just want to get a freakin good night's rest and quit having my eyes turn red after about 5 hours of getting my day started. I'm in sales and it's embarrassing to have the bloodshot eyes so, I keep "Clear Eyes" with me but, sometimes forget to put the drops in! *sigh* I'd better get started on asking for my refund and/or notify my bank! THANK YOU ALL for postings! Wish I would have found this site before ordering. I should have known better! ALWAYS LOOK FOR REVIEWS BEFORE ORDERING ANYTHING!:-[]
#87 - Tracy - 07/11/2010 - 10:00
I wish I would have read this site before spending $18.00 for it. It raised my blood pressure and didn't help me sleep. Thankfully I only took it for one night.:-P A generic for Ambien does an excellent job, and seems to have no side effects for me and it is only three cents a pill. Spending $75.00 to $100.00 is out of the question for me.
#88 - - 07/12/2010 - 11:28
Thanks all for heads up! I saw it advertised on late night tv last night. Thought it could be the answer. They will now not get any of my money! I will go buy Melatonin & Valerian separate as that is what my doctor recommended anyway. >-(
#89 - Lori blackburn - 07/15/2010 - 14:25
i will like to try it seen it on the free tv ad
#90 - felicia robinson - 07/18/2010 - 16:45
Alteril works for me.
#91 - Mister G - 07/23/2010 - 10:55
Worked for me..... Slept well and felt refreshed when I woke up.;-)
#92 - Dan - 07/26/2010 - 00:20
:-( What a fool I was for not doing my homework and looking this up before buying this over priced false advertised lies. I have taken this 2 nights in a roll and all it has done is keep me awake.
#93 - Debi - 07/26/2010 - 12:53
WOW! I am so glad I looked online before getting this. I would have been so upset to get it and it make me sick. Thank you to all of you that has reviews on here. I will never try this and tell anyone I know not to. These reviews are very scary. I can not sleep, but I sure will find something else to do the job not this.
#94 - Shannon - 08/06/2010 - 04:31
I don\'t know what you people are talking about.

I bought this at Walmart for $16+, have been taking it since the beginning of July 2010 and have been having the best night\'s sleep of my life after suffering Chronic Depression and nocturia/insomnia for decades - actually since I was a small child.

I heartily recommend it, after speaking with your doctor first.

God bless.

Rev. RB
#95 - Rev. RB - 08/07/2010 - 12:17
First of all half of you are fricking moronic people make me sick.
Everyone reacts differently to medications...some have a high tolerance and others are extremely's our genetics....stop bashing and screaming because a product did not work for you...thats cant know if something will work for you unless you try it...and as with all chemicals, natural or not, there will be side and if you are affected by them is different for each person..and how and if you are able to withstand them is different for each person as well.
I have tried tons of sleep aids...everything from OTC's like Tylenol PM and Di-phenhydramine, to melatonin, to Ambien, to Trazadone...NONE of it worked for me...but I didnt know it didnt work until I tried it.
Alteril has shown some positivity in helping me sleep, but I have developed lower back that the result of the Alteril...I dont know...but what I will be doing is going and talking to my doctor about it which is what the rest of you morons should do instead of bitching and slandering a product simply cos it didnt work for you.
#96 - RB - 08/10/2010 - 14:41
I looked Alteril up because I took one pill for the first time last night (I did not drink) and have had a migraine that no painkillers will relieve, and flu-like symptoms (body aches, nausea, exhaustion) all day. I can't say for sure if it is the Alteril, but after reading these reviews I won't risk trying it another night.
I have taken Rapid Sleep PM before and found it gentle enough to not leave me hungover (Unisome always makes me too groggy), but not being able to find Rapid Sleep at CVS, decided to try this.
Obviously these drugs affect each person differently, but if you have a sensitive system, or low body weight, I would try taking half a pill the first night to see how it treats you. Not worth the pain and wasted day when all you wanted was to feel rested.
#97 - Lou - 08/15/2010 - 22:25
:-) i got alteril at walmart for 7.99 it sounds to me if you want to try it you shouldnt order through the company. When i took it i definitely passed out and i have takin ambien before and i would say its close to it without the ambien sideffects. As for the sideffects i did have a very slight headache when i first woke up but it went away in about 15 min. Ive takin it several times with no problems but everyones differnt i would recommend not going through the company to try it after all 8 dollars for a month supply isnt to bad especially if it works for you.
#98 - aaron - 08/17/2010 - 05:11
I've taken my fair share of sleep aids.. I was even told by a doctor that I'd have to get "real sleep aids from the emergency room"..

Anyways, I've tried a lot.. Melatonin, Unisom, Benadryl, Motrin PM, anti-depressants that made me go crazy, pain killers that made me mean, muscle relaxers that made me itch.. No caffeine, I drank tea, exorcised, woke up early, blah blah blah..

We got Alteril at Wal-Mart.. needless to say, my insomnia and sciatica won. I don't know if I got any back pains from taking it, my back was already hurting.

Right now, I find that if I watch Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting, I fall asleep within two episodes, usually within the first 15 minutes. It's more "all-natural" than any medicine, and it works every time.

My final prognosis: Take Alteril with a grain of salt. More power to ya' if it actually works for you!
#99 - Sydney - 08/23/2010 - 05:26

Please! Please! Please! Do NOT take this product!

I have been taking Alteril for some time now and have experienced MAJOR problems. So far I have spent 2 separate times in the hospital with SEVERE back pains! I have spent thousands $$$$$$ on MRI, bone scan, doctors, chiro, and medications.

Trust me!!!! I am almost crippled!

My doctor and I have just put 2 and 2 together and the suspect is ALTERIL!!!

I am now being tested for EMS. (Look up EMS and L-triptophan). It is a dangerous, life altering disease caused by L-triptophan. Yes, people do die from it. Some people develop it and some don't after taking L-triptophan. It appears I have.

Don't take the risk!!!! Alteril and L-triptophan is dangerous! Do NOT take it!!!
#100 - Eliza Hunt - 08/26/2010 - 13:38
Some of these reviews are scary! I bought Alteril and tried it last night. I slept great! This morning and early afternoon however I felt grumpy and like I was sick with the flu. Muscle pain/weakness and a little twitchy. In the evening all was better. I thought the symptoms were from eating a lot of junk food recently, but maybe it was the alteril. Tonight I'm trying half a dose... I truly did sleep very well and for me that never happens. I've been an insomniac since I was a child.
#101 - Mary - 08/31/2010 - 00:25
I am a chronic insomniac and have tryed numerous sleepaids prescribed by my doctor and many over the counter sleep aids but none have worked as well as alteril i have had the best sleep with this product i take it at 9pm and typically sleep by 10 and i wake up at 5:30am everyday and work out and go to work i feel great i never have felt drowsy or have had any side effects. On the rae ocasion that L-tRYPTOPHAN has caused people problems has been because of bad manufacturing in the process it takes to make it beucase it was being genetically produced which was causing impurities in the the product although the FDA has never offically said it is bad for you and you should take it in something like 80 years there has only been roughly2,000 cases of this causing problems such as EMS. L-Tryptophan is found in all types of food such as turkeymeat,red meat ,eggs ,fish , poultry, sesame, sunflower seeds, peanuts, milk , cheese, chocolate. Although everyones reviews may make you think twice about taking it but id say in most of these cases the people who claimed to haved problems due to ateril id have to say are special circumstances and probably are because you are a hypochondriac but i will continue to take it as i have for months thanks alteril you have changed my life and no i will not stop drinking milk to because it has L-Tryptophan in it :-D
#102 - Josh - 09/16/2010 - 13:59
This is Mary again. After using alteril every night for about three weeks, I'd definitely recommend it! I haven't slept this well since I had a prescription for ambien, and my mood has been steadily improving. No adverse effects. I would definitely recommend.:-D
#103 - Mary - 09/16/2010 - 22:47
this stuff you call alteril, a sleep aid, is bullcrap. checked it out, made me sick,headache,backpain, but still no sleep. they should pull this stuff off the market. i should have done more checking but i needed something that was inexpensive and might work. price in store to find out I was ripped off. thanks for more information, i'll be sure to tell all people I know about this scam. thanks again, big D.
#104 - big d - 09/17/2010 - 11:02
I am so pleased that I read all of the reviews on this product. I was seriously going to place an order. I have had a sleep problem for many years I will stay with OTC products like Tylenol PM, Advil PM etc, they do work for me. I did look into L-Tryptophan after reading all of the comments and am glad I did the research - DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT.
#105 - sandi - 09/30/2010 - 07:51
I have been using Alteril for about 6 weeks now, nightly. I probably wouldnt have bought it on a free trial, but it is sold at CVS now. I haven't noticed any side effects the entire six weeks. I bought the pills because I have a hard time going to bed at night. If I am not tired I will stay up.

I just took a pill maybe 5 minutes ago because it is getting too late for me to stay up any longer. In my experience I start to get drowsy within 30-45 minutes. I sleep quite well, but wake up like my eyes are glued shut. Nothing a cold shower and 2 cups of coffee cant remedy though. On a side note, I take a brisk shower and drink 2 cups of coffee every morning regardless.

Alteril has helped both my relationship with my girlfriend, and my job performance. My girlfriend gets mad when I come to bed at 2am, 3am, 4am... Also, by getting drowsy earlier, I have gotten more sleep, and stayed awake longer at my job.

Previously I used alcohol to stabilize my mood, and make me pass out earlier. Alcohol leads to some pretty nasty hangovers depending on the day. Alteril has no side effects compared to drinking 9-13 beers a night, switching to swigging hard liquor when the tap runs dry.
#106 - Alteril User - 10/01/2010 - 00:51
My husband has tried everything on the market, from sleeping pills to medications for depression. We're about to try Alteril tonight...I will get back to all of you with the results..Wish us well...
Thanks for everyone input.
#107 - Mary - 10/04/2010 - 10:30
I have read years ago that l tryptohpan when isolated and taken causes a rare blood disease that can kill you..i used to take amino acids for bodybuilding and researched them..
#108 - j Kimmel - 10/10/2010 - 03:36
I generally take Ambien-10mg, Xanax-2mg, & Phenergan 12.5mg at bed time to get about 4 hours of sleep. Then I take 60 mg of morphine at about 5 am for chronic pain and sleep maybe two more hours. I bought the Alteril at a "GNC" store and paid $20.00 for 60 tablets. I am so resistant to medications, it takes me double the recommended dose of Alteril to get relief, but it does work if I take four caplets instead of just two.
I have also used "KAVA KAVA" in the past along with "Valerian Root," mixed with my prescription medications and have gotten extended sleep periods with those.
I am going to try adding them with the "Alteril" and see how that works out.

I do not recommend buying anything online or television that offers a free trial that also requires the submission of your credit card information. I was burned that way once, and thankfully, my bank took care of it, by taking the charge off my account. Just be aware of "so called" FREE TRIALS!

I am also a registered nurse, and know that medications, whether natural or chemical effect everyone differently.
#109 - JENNIFER JOHNSON - 10/12/2010 - 12:56
I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased this crap at Walmart. I have to give it credit in that it did make me sleep the whole night thru. When I woke up in the morning I could barely get out of bed. All of my extremity joints ached - like when you have the flu. My nose was running, my ankle gave way underneath me and I almost fell down the stairs. All day long I spent in agony. I could not hold anything heavy in my hands from the constant aching. I actually thought that maybe I had gotten the flu and took some Nyquil that night to get some sleep and relief. I woke up te next morning without a single ache. I started recaping what I had done different the night before this ordeal and it was that I had taken Alteril. I decided to research it (after the fact) and came across this page and realized what had happened to me. REALLY SCARY !!! I will not be taking this again, too risky!
#110 - Tish - 10/13/2010 - 22:34
This company has terrible customer service. If you cancel a product and it still shows up on your bill, report them to the BBB. Do not let them get away with it.
#111 - Becky - 10/25/2010 - 21:23
1st, Walmart was a good choice to try this drug (saved headaches with the SCAM company).

2nd, I am a Diabetic and this drug did NOT play well with my other meds so I only wasted about $10.

3rd, Be aware that there will be reviewers that are working to improve the overall impression of Alteril AND reviewers hired to trash the product. The trick is to recognize the truth in the garbage.

One example: The one that stated they talked to their pharmacy about it. They obviously did NOT because when I did, they told me to stay clear of the product (BEFORE they knew I was a diabetic) siting various harmful side effect and that the FDA has NOT approved it.

I probably should have talked to them BEFORE I tried it. Call it a brain-fart.

Bottom line: It will probably work for some and not for others but are you willing to bet your health on it?

My box was tossed into my paper shredder (so that those digging through the dumpster will not be harmed by these).
#112 - Lance - 10/30/2010 - 07:24
I tried this product and it work great for me, I start to get sleepy about 45 minutes after I take it, and have no side effects.
#113 - wanda - 11/16/2010 - 10:02
I saw the ads on TV and wanted to try it. Fortunately, I saw the awful experiences of some on the internet, so I never called them. I found it at my local Wal-Mart and purchased a box. I only take 1 caplet instead of the 2 they recommend. I found that if I take 2, I feel groggier in the morning and I don't really sleep any better. If I only take one a night, a box lasts about 2 months. Try Wal-Mart instead of mail order.
#114 - Steve - 11/19/2010 - 22:43
IMO this website is using scare tactics to dis Alteril and lead everyone to the products that they are recommending. See the little ad below the comment box? I've never heard of this website before, have you? I believe some of the reports of the Alteril people running a scam are true. I do not believe that this many people are having problems and such major side effects from the product. I have been using the L-tryptophan in conjuction with the melatonin and valerian for years. I have not had to increase the dosage of any of them.

This website is in the business of recommending sleep aids. Look at the list. They probably are paid to maintain that list. And when money is involved, I believe that they would not be beyond planting unfavorable reviews for the Alteril and favorable reviews for their recommended products. Also, by reading the reviews before you buy the product, the suggestions are already planted in your psyche that you may undergo the severe side effects. How easily the sheeple are led.
#115 - Bonnie - 11/29/2010 - 13:41
I mistakenly took this product last night and wish I hadn't! First of all, my throat flt like it was closing up and I could hardly breathe. At one point I even said, "ok God, I guess You are ready to take me now." When I did sleep I had crazy dreams, and woke up with my elbow hurting like hell. Never again!
#116 - Chris B. - 12/05/2010 - 07:56
RE: L-Tryptophan
In the past this was used in OTC supplements without problems. Then a large Japanese chemical co. took over all American co. production.Cheaply produced by artificial means in Japan, a toxic by prodcut occured with the chemcial they added to hasten the corn fermentation. Natural LT is from naturally fermented corn. Users did not know this and many became seriosly ill. This is why the FDA prevented LT from being used in the USA for many years. LT occurs naturally in turkey and some other foods. It is available again as a supplement, but may not agree with everyone, especially if you are on other meds.
#117 - skylar duncan - 12/05/2010 - 11:45
Alteril works great for me. I've had chronic insomnia for years and no other OTC sleep aid is nearly as effective. Oddly, it made made my ears ring each time I took it for the first several months , but that has ceased. It makes me feel sleepy, not disoriented like some prescription sleep aids.
#118 - James Edward - 12/11/2010 - 18:02
Jennifer #39 and all the other people who suffered negativly from this product. I bought these(a months supply) and started taking them 2 before bed for like 3 nights.Now note that I am also on other meds for panic and aniety/gloraphobia and suboxone for pain in my lower back and oxy abuse-past,history.i've been clean for over five yrs and been on the Suboxone program for over 5 yrs.been on klonopin for over 6 yrs 1mg 3times a day but it only allows me to be and feel normal not for jollies and giggles.I'm 29 yrs young(holdin on to my 20s,LOL)And been around so I know when something is not right,theres something wrong.First and foremost,i wake up with this "Buzz Head" feeling.I'm sorry I know I try explaining it to people but its sometimes hard to explain whats physically wrong with you to an outside party but it's like when I turn my head or just randomly move,I feel this weird feeling in my head and the first thing that came to my head was that I need to get a brainscan cause i might have a tumor(It went on for days after taking the two recommended adult doses.I'm not a big guy I'm 6ft-145 lbs and only taking them for three days(Maybe it was the ingredient that messes with your seratonin levels/L-Tryptophan which is 1332mgs for two adult tablets plus all the other ingredients.I've used Sublingual tablets of Melatonin before and fell asleep(no lie ) before they were dissolved which hence turned me on to buying these at wallgreens(39.99),I know,overpriced but i think I'm calling the company till I get some answers cause these effects lasted for about 8 days after taking the last dose.Thank God nothing serious happened and from now on for me and everyone else,consult your doctor before taking anything over the counter or not.just because its on the shelves don't mean it can't harm you so be careful people and have a wonderful happy holiday.
#119 - DJdale - 12/21/2010 - 00:46
I have had perhaps 12 years of sleepless nights lying awake with a mind that will not shut down. I take a small dose of lorazepam in the morning for anxiety and one in the evening with one Alteril and finally am sleeping and wake up refreshed. That LT was an unfortunate mistake being distributed in the U.S. Now, I believe it is in a pure form..I am sure that a many years of no sleep is more harmful to the body that trying something to see if it can help you sleep. The lorazepam alone did not make me sleep, I told my GP and she told me to get Alteril and since then I feel much better. Prior to the Aleril I was given a small dose of Trazadone and was drowsy for an hour and still could not sleep and then lied awake all night more alert than ever, had a severe reaction to trazadone, bad stomach cramps and racing heart which fortunatley all went away when the drowsiness wore off, which was quickly...Aleril really works for me..A good nights sleep is important for your overall is sleep deprivation that can harm you so I suggest just finding something that works for you.
#120 - Charlene - 12/26/2010 - 23:50
I've used and I liked it. It doesn't knock me out like regular OTC sleep aids. Seems more gentle. It did help me fall asleep and I didn't feel hungover the next day.
#121 - Erin - 12/29/2010 - 21:28
This products is the biggest joke since the sugar tablets. I took alteril at 10:00 pm and it is now 5:00 am and i'm still waiting for this pill to work. It is almost time for me to get up. Are you sure this is a sleeping pill or a stay awake capsule. I toss the bottle in the trash. I will never take another one to help me sleep.
#122 - Randy - 01/12/2011 - 04:40
I wish I would have found this website sooner. I've been taking this product off and on for about 6 weeks. I've been having some stomach issues and attributed it to the stress in my life right now, but reading this I'm not sure. I'm going to stop taking this and see what happens.
#123 - Faith - 01/19/2011 - 10:27
I must say I have used Alteril for about four months to date without incident. I purchase it at CVS. I fall asleep very fast and stay asleep. The best part about Alteril is that I do not wake up with that groggy feeling as I did with the other brands. Best to all!
#124 - Diane - 01/27/2011 - 10:16
I have been taking this sleep aid product for about 2 weeks now. I am not sure if it works or not. Some nights I sleep fairly well, other nights I just can't seem to get comfortable. I get restlessness, nervousness, dizzy, and what is scaring me the most is my blood pressure went up for what seems to be no apparent reason. Along with that I have had muscle weakness and pain. This all started when I started using the Alteril. Coincidence? I don't know. All I know is that I haven't been feeling right since I started using it. I think last nights tablet will be my last
#125 - Jerry - 01/28/2011 - 19:29
Alteril works great for me. Without it, I have the worst insomnia. I bought it at a drug store, though. Sounds like you shouldn't go through the company...
#126 - Lyndsi - 02/03/2011 - 16:57
Many of the complaints about Alteril could be invalid. If you take a drug and get a headache, the headache could be due to other factors, or simply due to your fears about a product.
I have been taking this for several months now and find it helpful. I
take only one pill. I take it about an hour before going to sleep. It is not perfect, but seems to cause a clear improvement in sleep onset and duration, compared to nights when not taken. I have NO side effects, with the possible exception of a little dryness, which can be prevented with moisturizers.
#127 - Richard - 02/04/2011 - 14:44
Credit card scams (Alteril)
I wanted to share with everyone a method I've come up with for avoiding credit card scams. When we order a product that's "free" except for shipping and postage, their really just trying to get your credit card number and will charge you indefinitely until stopped. I use a prepaid Visa and only keep a small amount of money on it so that if a company I give it to isn't ethical, they won't be able to get more money out of it than I allow. It processes like a normal creditcard, but won't access your bank account or your credit card account, which may have large amounts of money that you won't want someone to steal. It works and is safe.
#128 - Klara Lorinczi - 02/08/2011 - 00:29
I bought this product from a store back in 2009 and have been using it off and on since. My doctor tried me on a whole host of prescription sleep meds (I have severe insomnia and have had it since I was 6) and all of them trigger RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) in me (again dr diagnosed). This is the only sleep aid that does not trigger this response. I cannot even take OTC sleep meds (unisom, etc) without this response. It does work differently for everyone, but it is worth it. I've seen it at Walgreens/Walmart/Kroger now and surely many other stores carry it too. Good luck in your quest for a good night's sleep.
#129 - Alexis - 03/10/2011 - 08:33
It works well for me, for occasional use when I am tense and need a good night's sleep. Like any prescription or non prescription medication or remedy, it won't work for everyone, and it could cause bad side effects. The same could be said for many of the world's most profitable and effective drugs. I bought at CVS. It's reasonably priced so it never occurred to me to look for a free sample
#130 - Ken - 03/23/2011 - 18:29
For years I could not sleep. My dr. finally gave me Ambien, which I slept 4 hrs instead of 3, Whoopie. I was taking 2 ex. PMs and 4=5 over the counter sleeping pills, still only got 5=6 hrs, some nights I would go 35-40 hrs without sleep. I saw Alteril and thought I would give it a try. It has worked marvelous. I just take one and sleep like a baby for 8 hrs and wake feeling great. I have COPD, so rest is vital for my health. I love this product.
#131 - vicki - 04/05/2011 - 22:37
I have been taking Alteril since 2010 and it is the best sleep aid that I have ever used. In the past I have had prescription drugs, but they made me feel sluggish in the morning.
I always wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. It helps me clear my mind and get to sleep. I have had insomina for 70 years. I LOVE IT.
#132 - Rubye - 06/15/2011 - 01:30
I bought this at my local pharmacy & it worked GREAT!! I haven't slept this good in months!
#133 - KKBO - 08/09/2011 - 14:15
The ban on L-Tryptophane is directly due to the contamination at a single Japanese factory twenty years ago. L-Tryptophane is an essential amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. It is legal to produce and sell L-Tryptophane in the US as long as it is not the sole active ingredient. Therefore it is possible to buy "amino acids" which include a number of aminos, including L-Tryptophane. It is also legal to produce and consume HT3, a natural precursor to L-Tryptophane which reputedly induces the body to produce L-Tryptophane. Regarding Alteril, its marketing and business practices sound horrific. I purchased mine at Walgreens, avoiing the scam. I found it very useful for sleep.
#134 - - 09/14/2011 - 11:59
Alteril worked great for one week. After one week, no more effects whatsoever. Also buyer beware, melotonin is often added to sleep aids, one of the side effects is increased hunger.
#135 - W&C - 09/26/2011 - 16:38
I bought Alteril yesterday after days of little to no sleep and trying everything else I could find. I seen the commerical for Alteril on TV and decided to go to WalMart to buy it. After spending $16.00 on this crap, I was still up all night, couldn't lay still. Wish I would have found this site before wasting $16.00 on this junk...
#136 - Carrie - 10/07/2011 - 10:35
I am surprised that so many people complaints about Alteril. I have not seen any negative remarks about this until this website. The only complaint was the issue with them offering the free week and then charging customers credit cards because they did not cancel in the 7 days. My husband has had a really hard time with sleep for about 8 years. He worked he 11 pm to 7am shift for over 15 years. when he went to normal hours 7 am to 3pm, he could not sleep. He tried every rx out there with horrible side effects. One day he actually fell asleep driving to work. thank goodness he was with a coworker who work him up and drove the rest of the way. He even tried to do the the sleep studies hoping to find something to help him. Nothing worked. He now can sleep a full night and does not feel drowsy in the morning and/or through the whole day. He now feels like a real person after 8 agonizing years.
#137 - Sammy - 10/14/2011 - 02:42
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