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Are there diet pills that we do like? Yes - quite a few actually. When we rate diet pills we look at a variety of factors including: ingredients, customer feedback (which is why we allow you to post your reviews) and the satisfaction guarantee (if there is one). There are a few diet pills that have received extremely high marks across the board, and our favorite is Abidexin. You can go to the official site here.


apatrimWhat is Apatrim?

Apatrim is one of those "As Seen on TV" diet pills. According to the official Apatrim website, "Scientists have uncovered a century-old secret that can help you control your appetire." Really? The website also makes many other claims such as ''willpower in a bottle'', "patented process", and that "participants" in the "clinical study" of Apatrim's active ingredient lost weight "without adding excercise or diets to their daily routing".

Is Apatrim all it is marketed as? What is this so called 'secret' ingredient and will it actually help you lose weight?

Apatrim's Secret Ingredient

When it comes to dietary supplements, no ingredients should be kept 'secret'. Legally, companies are required to list the ingredients on the bottle. After all, what if you had some sort of allergy to one of the ingredients in Apatrim? The Apatrim website doesn't show you the ingredients that are in there, all it does is mention that the "active" ingredient is Caralluma Fimbriata, and not ordinary Caralluma Fimbriata but a "patented" form of it.

Well, having done diet supplement reviews for so long, I can tell you that there is only one type of patented caralluma fimbriata and that is Slimaluma. Now, because Apatrim chooses not to show you their product label on their official website I had to go digging around the internet to find one. This is what I found:


If Apatrim really contained Slimaluma, it would have to be on their label - But it isn't. And that makes we wonder if Apatrim really contains Slimaluma at all. I would venture to guess no. Slimaluma is patented and has been clinically tested. If Apatrim is claiming the same results of the Slimaluma studies they are pretty misleading.

Apatrim Conclusion

There are a lot of good diet pills out there that really do contain Slimaluma. The most popular is a weight loss supplement called SlendeSlim. SlendeSlim actually lists Slimaluma as an ingredient, so you know it is there. Apatrim is a cheap diet supplement. By cheap I mean inexpensive and it uses an ingredient that is ineffective if used alone. Apatrim sells for $29 per bottle. I was over on eBay and I saw Apatrim being unloaded for as little as $20. That is still too much in my opinion. You can buy caralluma for $13 per bottle at most online supplement stores.

If you want to try a diet pill that really does work and is back by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, try one of the products listed below!

The best deal for Apatrim would be on eBay, where people are probably trying to unload it.

Our Top 3 Diet Pill Recommendations for 2015

#1 Abidexin - Editor's Choice of 2015

Abidexin is the top diet pill of 2013. It provides 400% more weight loss than dieting alone. How does Abidexin accomplish this? It contains 8 clinically proven ingredients. What's the big deal about patented ingredients? They're proven to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE - the two most important considerations in deciding which diet pill to buy.

Abidexin's power packed ingredients will help you lose weight quickly and keep it off. Abidexin is so sure of this they offer a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. How's that for confidence. Keep reading for more information about Abidexin.


#2 Phenphedrine - Consumers' Choice of 2015

Phenphedrine is without a doubt the Strongest Weight Loss Aid and "Happy Pill" available without a prescription. It's the only product we reviewed that surpassed the weight loss results of the now banned Fen-Phen. It would have been our #1 rated weight loss product if it had not been for its slightly below average safety score.

Phenphedrine is definitely the diet pill of choice for those seeking extraordinary results. It's results Super Exceed its price tag.

If you are ready to Flatten Your Belly - then Phenphedrine is your diet pill!


#3 7-DFBX - Best for Women

Whether you're looking to slim down for summer or trying to impress your friends for an upcoming event, losing weight can be a struggle if you don't have the right tools for the job. However, with 7-DFBX you can provide your body with all the ingredients it needs to lose that weight and increase your energy levels like never before.

After 5 years of clinical research, 7-DFBX has been formulated to perfection, offering the most reliable fat-burning ingredients available to help you lose that weight safely and effectively -- without the negative side-effects. Unlike so many other diet pills, 7-DFBX contains a wide variety of clinically proven and all-natural superfruits and antioxidants to jumpstart your metabolism and help you make the most out of each workout. Try a bottle (completely risk-free) and experience the difference!


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Comments (16)

I went ahead and tried Apatrim because I really did not see any good or bad reviews. I am so glad I did. The very first day I took it, I could not believe how it controlled my appatite. I can't even finish eating my meals. I don't snack in between. I don't crave for sweets. I have to remember to eat. I am now able to eat healthier because I don't have cravings for all the other unhealthy foods. Don't get me wrong. I can still eat what I want, I just can't finish it all. I am saving so much money because I don't go out to eat anymore. I don't know how much weight I lost but I definitely have already lost inches in only 4 days. I can tell by the way my jeans fit. The best part is that I feel happy and satisfied.
#1 - Josie - 06/09/2009 - 21:13
I just got this today and it is helping me not to crave so much. I wanted something safe and I believe this is.
#2 - Nancy A Padgett - 09/04/2009 - 20:48
I have been on Apatrim for 5 days now and I love it! I have a sensitive system but have not experienced any side effects so far, besides feeling satisfied when I eat. I have no more cravings and I feel like I'm eating because I have to, not because I just want to. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy food, but I can have a small amount and feel completely satisfied instead of eating as much as I can. It was definitely worth it to me!
#3 - Jessica - 10/16/2009 - 17:33
I love this product, I just starting taking it yesterday and my cravings are gone. I usually snack throughout the day due to boredom at my desk...and I'm not reaching for snacks at all. I can't wait to see results after a few days!
#4 - Amy - 11/04/2009 - 13:35
I would not recomend this product for someone who has mental disorders or who suffers from depression.

I started taking this prosuct and I took it for a week. i would have to say that I did lose weight and I feel very good about myself. After I stopped taking Apatrim, I still didn't have any cravings, so now even though am not taking Apatrim, I am still making healthy food choices and I don't have any cravings.

One thing I did notice was that I was VERY tired by the end of the day, and I started getting depressed out of no wehere. Now that I am not taking Apatrim I am not as tire, and I am not as depressed.

Over all, I recommend this product, only if it's being used for a short amount of time, a wekk or two.
#5 - Cindy - 11/16/2009 - 13:03
I tried this diet product a few months back and definitely went back for more. I too felt a fullness after eating and even couldn't finish my meals. The price is pretty affordable when compared to other "fake diet products".:-)
#6 - Diane - 11/17/2009 - 19:31
:-D Today was the 1st day that I tired this product and I cant say anything bad about it yet. I help me control my night hunger BIG time! Didn't even have the urge to attempt to get something to eat. Which is a GREAT thing in my book.
#7 - Bella - 02/17/2010 - 03:24
;-) Apatrim worked really well for me. I needed to lose around 20 lbs and apatrim helped me to lose 17. 17 lbs in a month is great.
#8 - Shelly - 04/01/2010 - 08:17
Sandra Romain
Very informative website. Thank you! +1 bookmark !!!
#9 - Sandra - 04/08/2010 - 04:50
I have been trying this product for two ths now. I haven't noticed any difference, and no weight have been lost. :oops:
I will give it a little longer to see if any changes occur. For now I'm disappointed in the product.
#10 - Lisa - 04/28/2010 - 11:29
So far it has controlled my appetite. ESPECIALLY night eating which is a big problem for after dinner I eat less and im satisfied and I dont go back for more like I usually would. :-D
#11 - Jennifer - 05/13/2010 - 20:22
Well, I've been on Apatrim a few days so far. I'm only trying to knock off about 5-6 lbs. I've lost about 2 1/2 so far. My cravings have diminished slightly, BUT, the major plus here, is that I have still been enjoying my snacks at night, last night I consumed about 10 vanilla creme cookies, before bed and still woke up a lb. lighter than I was earlier in the day. I do exercise too so I really think Apatrim does something to the body's metabolism. It does say you don't have to exercise or cut calories. But regular exercise is key to keeping the pounds off and keeps us healthy. As long as I continue seeing results, I'll keep on using it.
#12 - Eileen - 07/13/2010 - 11:51
:-Dd I have the product on order can not wait to try it my main problem is that I'm always have a taste for something even if I have already eaten, so I hope this will stop my cravings, wish me luck , I'll let everyone know how it works.
#13 - gloria - 07/27/2010 - 01:23
;-)This is a great diet pill, I am not the type to exercise so I figured Id try apatrim. On day 3 already I have lost 4lbs of the 20lbs I need to lose!! I do not crave food at all yet I am able to eat what ever I want but can only have a 1/4 of the food due to being full:) It is a great diet pill!
#14 - Kelly - 08/09/2010 - 19:28
I just started taking this pill five days ago and I have already loss six pounds. This pill is my miracle drug. I don't have any crazy side effects, my heart does'nt race. It get rids of my obsessive cravings. Plus, I have a lot of energy...and running everyday is a plus. B-)
#15 - Claudia - 09/05/2010 - 07:43
#16 - PINK MIRROR - 11/22/2010 - 12:22
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