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Puristat Review: Is Puristat a the Best Colon Cleanser?

Puristat's program seems impressive. The website is well laid out and well referenced as well. The product itself seems to be loaded with everything you want in a colon cleanser and comes in a nice looking package too! But would I ever take Puristat? Probably not. If I had a slight headache, I would not take Valium, I would take an aspirin. Such is the case with Puristat, it is way too hardcore for the average person.

Now you might be asking yourself, wouldn’t it be better if I got the strongest colon cleanser out there and that way I could be sure it would work? Logically that seems like a good idea, but let me explain why you should probably reconsider taking Puristat.

What is Puristat?

Puristat is designed to help people that suffer from sever symptoms related to an unhealthy colon. Generally these symptoms are so severe that they impair the person from living a normal life or they stem from another condition such as irritable bowel syndrome. The program s very intense and it involves a on to two week digestive strengthening program before starting the colon cleanse. The Puristat strengthening program is of course unnecessary for most colon cleansers and it makes the whole thing more expensive. So in short, these guys want your money and the price clearly shows that. The absolutely cheapest colon cleanser they sell is $64.95 and that does not include the digestive strengthening program, which is another $79.95. But why would you ever need the digestive strengthening program? Because Puristat can be dangerous!

Is Puristat Dangerous?

Puristat contains a couple of ingredients that can be safely used, but not in the way that Puristat recommends. Cascara Sagrada is an all-natural laxative that can be used for a week or two without any problems. If used for longer, it can give you stomach pains and cramping. But Puristat advises you to use the product for at least three weeks and they do not even warn you about the potential danger, which is a little irresponsible if you ask me. Also, they use goldenseal, which is another potentially dangerous ingredient.

Goldenseal contains an alkaloid called berberine and it can cause serious gastrointestinal and nervous system effects if you take it for more than 14 days at a time. Some products that have goldenseal carry a warning to not take the product for more than 7 days. Puristat instructs you to take the product for either one full month, or 3 months, which could be harmful. Wasting your money on an ineffective product is one thing, but wasting it on a product that could send you to the hospital is much worse and Puristat could easily send you there.

I wanted to take a second to let you know that while Cascara Sagrada and Goldenseal are potentially harmful when you are using them for long periods of time - like the Puristat system recommends, but they can also be used effectively in moderation. Do don’t flip out if you see them in other products…you should be ok.

Puristat Conclusion

If your colon is so bad that you are suffering horribly, you may be a candidate for Puristat. But is it worth the risk? No. I would recommend taking a well-balanced effective colon cleanser and then consulting your doctor if you have any more severe symptoms.

If you are interested in a colon cleanser/detox product that is effective and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, try one of the products listed below! If you want to learn more about our top-rated colon cleansers, Colovox and ColonOxy, be sure to check out those reviews. Continue reading to learn more about our colon cleansers that ranked highest in safety, value and effectiveness.

Sybervision Reviews | Your unbaised source for supplement reviews

Top 5 Colon Cleansers

Consumer’s & Expert’s “Best Colon Cleansers” listed below are ranked on several criteria including:

1) Ingredient Effectiveness and safety
Not all colon cleansers are created equal and one of the big differences lies in the products ingredients. Our experts have been reviewing diet supplement and colon cleanser ingredients for years. They know which ingredients work and which are just 'filler' used by companies. Our best colon cleansers contain only the best ingredients.

2) Effectiveness and safety based on customer feedback
This is perhaps the most important factor as the ultimate testament to the effectiveness of any product comes from satisfied and happy customers. I can tell you that colon cleanser 'A' works and colon cleanser 'B' totally sucks, but if the product doesn’t work, it’s still a waste of money. The perfect colon cleansing program will work for the majority of the people, most of the time. We spent a great deal of time searching the websites of the manufacturers and distributors of all the products reviewed. We also read through blogs, forums and customer testimonials related to each program in order to reach our conclusion.

3) Trust Factor & Guarantee
How long has the company been in business for? Is there a money back guarantee? If so, how long is it good for? These criteria were reviewed for each colon cleanser. If a product doesn't work as promised, you should be entitled to a hassle-free refund. Right!

4) Value for the Price
You always get what you pay for, and the same holds true for colon cleansers. The average price range for colon cleansing programs is between $50 to $100. Anything less than this would lead us to believe that the product does not contain effective colon cleansing ingredients. We considered not only the price of a program but also how many products are included, the length of the program, the number of ingredients and dosage, shipping charges, etc.


Retail Price: $200
Best Internet Price: $87.95

Colovox® is a natural way to cleanse your colon with nature's most powerfull colon cleansing ingredients. Recent studies show that the average person has 5-10, and even up to 20 pounds of undigested food rotting in their stomach. Colovox is the only colon cleanser guaranteed to work. Colovox also has an awesome reputation and an iron clad satisfaction guarantee. Colovox also comes with a free bottle of the popular colon cleansing supplement Puravox.



Retail Price: $79.99
Best Internet Price: $29.99

7 Day Colon Flush® is an "all natural supplement that has changed 1000s of people's lives through effective colon cleansing. It's scientifically formulated to safely cleanse your digestive tract from obstructive waste. As you use 7 Day Colon Flush, your bowel movements will be natural and smooth--unlike a laxative." 7 Day Colon flush is one of the best colon cleansers our experts have reviewed. 7 Day Colon Flush also has an awesome reputation and an iron clad satisfaction guarantee!



Retail Price: $100
Best Internet Price: $39.99

Colonoxy is a concise, easy-to-swallow pill that packs more power than the leading dietary powder drinks. Taken 30-60 minutes before each meal, Colonoxy releases a megadose of powerful dietary fibers to both cleanse and detoxify your body along with suppressing your appetite, helping you lose weight and get healthier.

The human body can contain more than 5-20 pounds of undigested food just rotting away inside them. Aside from being disgusting, this could be also be deadly. The buildup of years and years of chemicals used in the soil we use to raise or crops and feed our livestock. These chemicals, along with thousands of others that get used on a daily basis like cosmetics and hygienic products, get absorbed into the body and eventually by the colon. Festering inside the colon, these chemicals have been shown to cause dozens of health problems from headaches to cancer.

Colonoxy has gotten a lot of positive feedback. People are feeling lighter, less bloated and healthy. Colonoxy contains safe all-natural ingredients and is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. This is one of the best colon cleansers available.




Retail Price: $149
Best Internet Price: $39.99

Colonetix is a 2-Stage colon cleansing formula. There are very few colon cleansers that I like - very few. Many of them are over-priced and their promotions a little gimmicky. I have tried many of them and the only result is painful bloating. I wanted a clean colon and Colonetix is one of the few colon cleansers that actually delivered.

Colonetix is a powerful colon cleanser and one of the only ones that contains clinically proven ingredients. Colonetix is also backed by a money-back guarantee. This makes trying Colonetix risk-free. To learn more about Colonetix, visit their official site here.




Retail Price: $200
Best Internet Price: $79.99

Cleansonix is a good colon cleanser that contains 8 patented and clinically proven colon cleansing ingredients. It tastes great and is priced even better! Some of the things I like about Cleansonix is that it has a 100% lifetime satsifaction guarantee and there is no autoship.

There is no other colon cleanser available that contains 8 clinically proven, patented ingredients that will help detox your body. Cleansonix is also backed by a lifetime guarantee, has great customer service and an A+ BBB rating.


Sybervision Reviews | Your unbaised source for supplement reviews

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