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Leanfire Inferno Fat Burner

leptorexin SyberVision's Top Rated Diet Pill
Are there diet pills that we do like? Yes - quite a few actually. When we rate diet pills we look at a variety of factors including: ingredients, customer feedback (which is why we allow you to post your reviews) and the satisfaction guarantee (if there is one). There are a few diet pills that have received extremely high marks across the board, and our favorite is LIPOREXALL. You can read our review or go to the official site.

What is Leanfire Inferno?

"Leanstone Leanfire Inferno will help you break your fat loss plateaus with cutting edge ingredients and liquid-cap delivery system that will put your body into Hyper-Metabolic Acceleration."

That statement, which is found on the instone nutrition website, makes Inferno sound pretty damn awesome. So do the graphics and packaging of all their products. Well lets take a look at the cutting-edge ingredients. You will see that these ingredients are not so "cutting-edge" once we break them down for you.

  • Niacin - A.K.A Vitamin B3, niacin is a potent vasodilator, which means it makes your blood vessels increase in diameter. Is this good for you? I would talk to your physician to see if this is safe for your body, but ideally, an increase in dilation may lead to better blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles. Some of the side effects of niacin are cardiac fibrillations, night sweats and migraines.
  • Synephrine - Another name for Citrus Aruantium, or Bitter Orange. This is a common supplement in many fat burners. It is a stimulant, used to replace Ephedra. So it will increase your metabolic rate and give you more energy, but by increasing your metabolic rate and energy, you will also feel an increase in heart rate which may lead to nervousness and the jitters.
  • Yohimbe HCI - This supplement is pretty popular due to the claims that it acts as an aphrodisiac and hallucinogen. Though those claims may be suspect, Yohimbe is also a vasodilator, like Nicanin.
  • Green Tea - Any good fat burner will have Green Tea in it. Green Tea has been shown to reduce food intake and increase your metabolic rate, thus enhancing weight loss.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous - This is a pure form of caffeine, where the water has been totally extracted. Due to its thermogenic effect, caffeine promotes calorie burning. If you read the fine print on Leanfire Inferno, each capsule contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, and each serving of Inferno is 2 capsules. That is a lot of caffeine.
  • E&Z Guggelsterones - Regular Guggelsterones are herbal, which are only about 5% pure. That is why the popularity of Guggelsterones has kind of faded away. But E&Z Guggelsterones are synthetic, which means they are 99% pure, just under 20 times as effective as the Guggelsterones used 5 years ago. But what do Guggelsterones do you ask? They signal the thyroid to secrete extra hormones that increase your metabolic rate. This may be the best way to increase your metabolic rate without increasing your heart rate.
  • Sclareolide - Extracted from the Clary Sage plant, this supplement has been shown to help maintain or build lean body mass.
  • Incinerator Blend (Cayenne Pepper, Black & White Pepper) - Peppers have been used as medicinal remedies for centuries. They help blood circulation, as well as cramping pains and gas.

Instone's Leanfire Inferno has definitely done its research. This is one of the better fat burners that I have reviewed, and is right up there with Myoffeine, one of my favorite supplements. The main ingredient differences between Inferno and Myoffeine is the lack of Guggelsterones in Myoffeine, but Myoffeine contains a purer form of Citrus Aurantium, and also contains Cinnamon, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine and Catuaba. Then there is the difference in price; Myoffeine can be found for around $20/bottle and Inferno is $40/bottle.

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Top 3 Diet Pills

Which Diet Pills Work Best?

Are You Confused with All of the Diet Pills?

Don’t be! We have compiled thousands of Customer Reviews, Expert Reviews, and Clinical Studies that make up the most comprehensive list of the Best Diet Pills. With the largest selection of diet pill reviews that work, you finally have the power to take control of your weight loss destiny.The effectiveness of safe Diet Pills has been studied extensively and has been under close scrutiny ever since ephedra burst onto the scene.Since the ban of ephedra, thousands of Diet Pills have burst onto the market claiming to be the next big thing. Unfortunately this research is often not published in a suitable way for consumers to be able to compare the different fat burners, diet pills and weight loss products available on the market.

Several factors went into determining which Diet Pills work the best including:

* Safety of Ingredients (Safe Diet Pills)
* Money Back Guarantee
* Appetite Suppression
* Weight Loss Potential (Diet Pills that Work)
* Consumer Testimonials
* Overall Value

Keep reading to find a list of the best diet pills for you…

#1 Abidexin


Abidexin is a clinically advanced weight loss pill that contains patented ingredients. Abidexin is scientifically formulated to increase the metabolic hormones that are essential to fat burning, increase your lean muscle, and “trick” your brain to make you feel full. Abidexin contains proven and effective ingredients proven to increase caloric expenditure for maximum weight loss, minimize carbohydrate conversion to body fat, maximize stamina, endurance and work capacity, ramp up metabolism by activating key fat burning enzymes and it may help prevent "diet induced" metabolic decline.

Abidexin contains ingredients that will not only help you lose weight BUT keep it off! Don't worry Abidexin is not a free trial or an autoship program! You can try Abidexin risk-free by visiting their official site here.

#2 Phenphedrine


Phenphedrine is without a doubt the Strongest Weight Loss Aid and "Happy Pill" available without a prescription. It's the only product we reviewed that surpassed the weight loss results of the now banned Fen-Phen. It would have been our #1 rated weight loss product if it had not been for its slightly below average safety score.

Phenphedrine is definately the diet pill of choice for those seeking extraordinary results. If you are ready to Flatten Your Belly - then Phenphedrine is your fat burner!

#3 Lipovox Hardcore Detox


Lipovox Hardcore Detox is the new and improved version of the original 'SuperFoods' supplement Lipovox. Lipovox was the accidental byproduct of a college student while watching an episode of “OPRAH”. The show was on “How to Look 10 Years Younder in 10 Days”.Lipovox Hardcore Detox takes the original Lipovox formula, which has helped people lose weight, decrease their wrinkles and acne, and adds 10 Patented weight loss ingredients, each backed by clinical weight loss studies and 10 powerful detoxifying Superfoods.

Lipovox Hardcore Detox is now the supplement of choice by the "who's-who" list of celebrities, athletes, and the super rich. We have searched all over the internet and found places where Lipovox Hardcore Detox can be purchased by everyone at a very affordable price. 10 Patented weight loss ingredients + 10 Detoxifying Superfoods + 10 original Superfoods makes Lipovox Hardcore Detox one of the most sought after dietary supplements.

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