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Are there diet pills that we do like? Yes - quite a few actually. When we rate diet pills we look at a variety of factors including: ingredients, customer feedback (which is why we allow you to post your reviews) and the satisfaction guarantee (if there is one). There are a few diet pills that have received extremely high marks across the board, and our favorite is Abidexin. You can go to the official site here.


Miracle Burn/ MiracleBurn - Not quite a Miracle, but does it work?

I’ll give you the positives and negatives of Miracle Burn, and I’ll also provide for you the supplement information NOT on their site.

Miracle Burn Positives:

Miracle Burn has done a great job in capitalizing upon recent advancements in scientific research of weight loss. For example, they use Advantra-Z, the hot new (and patented) Ephedra alternative derived from Bitter Orange, and Hoodia¬—supposedly with P57 component.

Another positive I think is the price. $44.99 is very competitive; well, if you like the high end stuff. This is no caffeine pill. They probably charge that way because they push their auto ship so hard (see negatives).

Miracle Burn Negatives:

They’re really secretive about their ingredient amounts. They use a proprietary blend, and they don’t even disclose the Supplement Facts Panel on their website. I took these supplement facts from the bottle so that I could construct a working supplement facts for customers (in case you were really curious…like me):

You see, the problem is you don't know how much of the "Great Ingredients: Advantra-Z and Hoodia" they actually put in there. Some companies have been known to fill 99% of their proprietary blend with one ingredient, say a cheap fiber like Glucomannan (they're listed in order of amount), and fill the rest with "eye-candy." I would HOPE they aren't doing this.

Another negative is how hard they push the “FREE TRIAL,” because in essence, it’s just signing people up for the Auto Ship. If you don’t return it within 15 days, you’re screwed. It’s nearly impossible get off auto ship, from the experience I have. The good thing is, they do have a non-auto-ship ordering option, so be sure to use that.

In the end, besides some of their marketing tactics (which sadly, are quite common in this industry), this get's my vote for 'one of the better diet pills out there.' I can't call it the "BEST," but certainly worth considering.

My "best" pick for stimulants is Phen375, which does the same thing but with better results. My "best" for Hoodia is Unique Hoodia, which also tells you how much and what quality of extract they use.

MiracleBurn Conclusion

There are tons of fat burners out there. None of them are "Miracles". MiraclBurn does contain some good ingredients, but of course there are supplements out there that contain clinically proven ingredients.

Our Top 3 Diet Pill Recommendations for 2015

#1 Abidexin - Editor's Choice of 2015

Abidexin is the top diet pill of 2013. It provides 400% more weight loss than dieting alone. How does Abidexin accomplish this? It contains 8 clinically proven ingredients. What's the big deal about patented ingredients? They're proven to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE - the two most important considerations in deciding which diet pill to buy.

Abidexin's power packed ingredients will help you lose weight quickly and keep it off. Abidexin is so sure of this they offer a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. How's that for confidence. Keep reading for more information about Abidexin.


#2 Phenphedrine - Consumers' Choice of 2015

Phenphedrine is without a doubt the Strongest Weight Loss Aid and "Happy Pill" available without a prescription. It's the only product we reviewed that surpassed the weight loss results of the now banned Fen-Phen. It would have been our #1 rated weight loss product if it had not been for its slightly below average safety score.

Phenphedrine is definitely the diet pill of choice for those seeking extraordinary results. It's results Super Exceed its price tag.

If you are ready to Flatten Your Belly - then Phenphedrine is your diet pill!


#3 7-DFBX - Best for Women

Whether you're looking to slim down for summer or trying to impress your friends for an upcoming event, losing weight can be a struggle if you don't have the right tools for the job. However, with 7-DFBX you can provide your body with all the ingredients it needs to lose that weight and increase your energy levels like never before.

After 5 years of clinical research, 7-DFBX has been formulated to perfection, offering the most reliable fat-burning ingredients available to help you lose that weight safely and effectively -- without the negative side-effects. Unlike so many other diet pills, 7-DFBX contains a wide variety of clinically proven and all-natural superfruits and antioxidants to jumpstart your metabolism and help you make the most out of each workout. Try a bottle (completely risk-free) and experience the difference!


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Comments (15)

Miracle Burn is a rip-off
I urge everyone to read the report by CBS at

Miracle Burn is a rip-off. I tried it, and got no results. Even though urban Nutrition says it has a money-back guarantee, they refused to accept my return. With a little research (I wish I'd done this BEFORE I ordered), I found numerous complaints against Urban Nutrition filed with the Better Business Bureau.

Stay away from this company. The burn they advertise is not the burn you'll get. And the only miracle is how stupid we consumers continue to be.
#1 - Tamera - 04/19/2008 - 18:29
Mircle Burn does the job :)
My husband started using Mircle Burn when diet and exercise alone was not cutting it. We noticed a great improvment in his energy and eating habits....Mircle Burn does the job when exercise and diet alone fails. It is worth you time in my oppinion. :)
#2 - Cristel - 05/06/2008 - 21:50
Company will not part with their money ....
The first review here I think is the most correct. I noticed nothing with these pills and they would not refund my money within 30 days. Review #2 I've got two boxes I'll sell ya cheap?
#3 - Jenny - 05/08/2008 - 23:52
they say they give you a 14 day 'trial' period for this, they state that the follow up with a phone call and send a hand written verification. I did not realize that if you don't 'cancel' the freebie, they charge your credit card $59.00....I am fighting with them now to get this done.

be careful!
#4 - MONA - 05/18/2008 - 16:56
sure it works!!!
I bought Miracle Burn and sure it worked!!!, lost weight fast and without any problem. When I needed to cancell the order didn't have any problem either. I gained again some weight and I'm going to take it again, believe me, it really really works!!!
#5 - Diana - 05/23/2008 - 23:56
I decided to try this product, without adding excercise or diet change, to see what would happen. I lost 5 pounds, and then all of a sudden gained 8. Does it work? Maybe, maybe not. I guess for some people. I also tried the Miracle Burn Cream. No difference on that either. I am still fat and lumpy!
#6 - Cindy - 06/04/2008 - 23:47
USE WITH CAUTION! WATCH BLOOD PRESSURE CAREFULLY! I'm a 50-year-old female with some extra weight from stress and sleep deprivation trying to drop pounds before a major family event so I tried this product. I have always had normal blood pressure and am healthy (except for some extra pounds). I decided to monitor my blood pressure daily during the first days/weeks of using this product. I was shocked to find that my blood pressure was quite elevated after the first day's doses (up from my normal 117 over 76 to 126 over 82 after only one day) and was just as dramatically higher on the second day (up to 147 over 86), a scary unhealthy level so quickly). I wasn't going to risk how high the numbers would be after yet another day. I stopped taking the product and my blood pressure returned to normal within a day or so. After that I backed off on the dosage and discovered that my blood pressure remains normal when I take one single pill every other morning so that is what I'm doing. I also had headaches on the recommended dose (began after taking the first two morning pills each time I tried that dose). The product does seem to help curb appetite even at my lower dose designation, although I have long ago discovered that if I begin the day with a high-protein breakfast including one mono-unsaturated fat (like 1/4 cup avocado), I'm not unduly hungry later in the day and more easily able to stay on track. I also do better when I have a mid-morning snack of plain yogurt (for the probiotics) and some fresh fruit and then eat a late lunch/early dinner of quality protein and vegetables. I eat one mono-unsaturated fat with each meal because it satisfies the body's fat 'need' allowing for excess fat to be burned off (MUFAs include avocados, olive oil, dark semi-sweet or unsweetened chocolate, almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, olives, etc., the "good" fats--but in very limited quantities!). Also, I did not experience any significant change in energy than I had already gained from consistently taking a brisk walk (30-45 minutes) each morning. However, I do notice that on days when my dog is particularly energetic, that while taking the product I was able to keep up with her puppy energy level better, even taking my alternate dose of only one pill every other morning. I would use caution with this product and would monitor blood pressure carefully. If you have a tendency toward high blood pressure already, I'd be particularly vigilant.
#7 - SoccerMom - 06/17/2008 - 19:45
MIRACLE BURN WORKS!!!!!!It burns a hole in your credit card! Urban Nutrition sold me grounded Aspirin! Haven't lost any weight, if anything it made me more hungry! Rip off is an understatement for the products sold by Urban Nutrition...
Bring back Ephedra! Now that shit worked! And I was on it for a year - looked fucking fabulous too! THen some jackass baseball player had to die before they banned it....damn OD!
#8 - Sweet - 07/30/2008 - 13:27
It doesn't work
I'm so afraid to finish this product, it contains too much B12, which can cause neural damage in the brain. It comes in 3 pills/capsules a pack. I order on Ebay, so there was not problem with the company auto-ship to me. That's why i prefer ordering on Ebay and not taking risk of those so-called the "free-train". This product is down down, but I'm glad it doesn't give me terrible feeling and all, but I won't buy it again for sure.

I think I'll try lipovox next time, I heard that it's a good product
#9 - Amy - 11/29/2008 - 02:28
I don't believe it works and it didn't do anything for me. BUYER BE WARE! Company automatically did a auto ship without my consent and I returned the product and they said they never got it. So they said they weren't going to refund my money. The sales folks were very unprofessional and when I called to get my refund they transferred me to a voicemail instead of a real person. >-(
#10 - Stephanie Gonzales-Sager - 01/21/2009 - 09:42
;-)I love this product and it DOES work. I've been taking it for a couple of months and it is even getting rid of the cellulite (not that I had a lot).
Here are a few pointers that I have learned to maximize the results;
Drink at least 8 glasses of water, more if you can. Not only does it fill your stomach, but it seems to help the MiracleBurn do it's job better. If you don't drink adequate water, it isn't going to lessen your appetite.
Take your first dose (2 capsules) just as the morning on an empty stomach with an 8 oz glass of water. At first, this was hard for me because I am a coffee drinker but I just wait an hour after I take my morning dose, and then drink my cofee.
Then at 3pm take take one capsule with an 8 oz glass of water. If you do this for about two weeks (probably sooner) you will start to notice that you can only eat a few bites because you are just not hungry and the inches and weight just start falling off.

I know how desperate you become when you feel you are gaining weight because I was one of them. I had to take medication that caused weight gain and MiracleBurn was the answer for me but not before I jumped around trying every diet pill out there. No one is going to lose weight by trying a product for a week or two, and then jumping to another.You have to be consistent and didn't gain all of your weight in a week and you're not going to lose it in a week.
Exercise..walk, do weight or aerobics but do something physical for a least 30 mins (preferably 45) a day. This also helps the product work better. I loved the fact that MiracleBurn gave me extra energy so that I really wanted to work out and had fun doing it.
Right now, I lift weights aerobically three times a week and do ballet three times a week.

And lastly, get a little pillbox so you can take your MiracleBurn with you and not miss a dose. Once you miss a dose, it gets easier and easier to just 'miss this once'...

I've tried it the wrong way and I've tried it the right way (following directions) and the right way GETS RESULTS!

Good Luck...
#11 - LizaBella - 05/16/2009 - 23:28
:-D I have lost11/2 stone in three months. I have been very pleased with the results. My weightloss has platowed currently, but I expect it to continue to fall. I have tried many products and this has been the best. The weight loss has also been with NO exercise, so imagine what it would have been with exercise.
#12 - Deborah J - 05/27/2009 - 08:01
Miracle Burn
This product does work! I used it with a healthy diet and exercise and saw a NOTICEABLE difference in only a month. I have more energy and burn more calories.:-D
#13 - Donna - 01/18/2010 - 23:01
Miracle Burn
Most of these weight loss pills seem to only make you feel sick. I've tried many and most ,including Miacle Burn, make me fatigue and tired after na couple of hours. The only weight loss pill/diet ive had some success with is the Ally diet which i was quite impressed with.
Overall i believe Miracle Burn is a waste of hard earned money
#14 - Charlie - 01/22/2010 - 14:14
This product does not work!!! I tried to get my moey back and they sent another month instead. I finnaly got that money back. I do not endorse this product.
#15 - Chip - 04/01/2011 - 11:35
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