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Valerian Root for Sleep?

Will Valerian Root Help You Sleep?

Ever since the Internet came into our lives, it seems like over the counter medications have flooded the market. There are thousands of websites devoted to you and your health and sometimes it gets difficult to decide which ones are really effective. So how can you do it? There are way too many choices out there!

Sleep aids are no exception, ever since all natural sleep aids came onto the market in the last few decades, almost every company has claimed to have the best formula around to help you get some sleep. New ingredients are developed and used almost every day and some of them really work and some are worthless. But there are some ingredients out there that are time tested and have been used effectively by people for centuries to treat insomnia. One of these ingredients is valerian root.

Valerian root traditionally comes from Europe, South Africa and parts of Asia. And it has since been introduced to other parts of the world including North America. Valerian root has been used for a lot of different things in its countries of origin. In Germany, people used the root to calm down unruly children and in other countries it was even used as a perfume by some cultures. But historically, the main use for valerian root has always been as a sedative. I mean, hey, if this stuff can make hyper, German kids calm down, just think what it might be able to do for you.

Valerian is a perennial flowering plant with big pink or white flowers, but it is not the flowers that we are after, it is the root. People generally take valerian in one of two ways; either in a tea or in pill or capsule form. The problem with drinking valerian tea is that some of the weaker oils are boiled out and the tea may not be as effective, so it is generally accepted by researchers that the best way to take valerian is in pill form.

buy alliAmbeSleep is the strongest OTC sleeping pill that contains Valerian Root. AmbeSleep guarantees that it will help you get a good nights rest - or your money back! AmbeSleep retails for $59.99 but is available here for as low as $20! Act Fast on this limited-time offer!

Valerian root acts by interacting with neurotransmitters in our brain that tell our body when it is sleepy. So, pretty much it is just tricking our brain into releasing the chemicals that make us fall asleep. There are a lot of all natural sedatives on the market today that do the exact same thing but valerian root seems to be the most effective ingredient in doing so.

So should you just go out and buy any sleep aid that has valerian root in it? No you shouldn’t! There are a lot of sleep aids out there that have valerian but don’t have enough of it to really make a difference, or don’t have any other active ingredients to compliment the effect of the valerian root. Make sure you pick a sleep aid with a guarantee and enough valerian root to make a difference!

People have known it for centuries; valerian root is a powerful sedative. But you don’t need to believe me, there are some great products available right now that have more than enough valerian root to help you finally get a good nights sleep!

If you want to try a sleep aid that really works and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, try one of the items listed below.

4 Best Sleeping Pills


Retail Price: $149.99
Lowest Price: $49.99-$59.99

Somnamax is one of the most powerful sleeping pills available. When compared to expensive prescription sleeping pills, Somnamax delivers the results that you need to get a good nights sleep. Somnamax's research team really has found the perfect balance between the safety of natural sleeping pills, and the power of a prescription medication.

As of today, Lunexor doesn't require a prescription, but because of Somnamax's strength and clinically proven ingredients, lawmakers may soon require a prescription for Somnamax.




Retail Price: $79.99
Lowest Price: $19.99-$29.99

AmbeSleep is a scientifically formulated and patented sleeping pill that is designed to decrease the time it takes you to fall asleep, maintain a deep sleep and help you to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvinated - not groggy and 'hung over' like prescription based sleeping pills.

Ambesleep is one of the best sleeping pills that we have reviewed. Not only is AmbeSleep safe and effective, but it is also the only sleeping pill under $20 and backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.




Retail Price: $117.00
Lowest Price: $24.66-$37.00

Liponesta is a sleeping pill and fat burner hybrid. These pills are becoming increasingly popular. Liponesta is scientifically formulated to find the perfect balance of sleeping pill and fat burner. Liponesta not only contains ingredients clinically proven in increase and promote sleep, but also contains ingredients that are proven to help you burn fat.

Are you ready for the best sleep of your life? Are you ready to shed pounds? Then Liponest should be a sleeping pill that you should take a closer look at. Liponesta, like the other Top 5 sleeping pills, is also backed by a satisfaction guarantee.




Retail Price: $49.99
Lowest Price: $36.25-$49.99

RestAid is an all-natural sleeping supplement that will help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and awake more refreshed. Not only does Restaid contain the patented ingredient Cysteine Peptide, but it also contains the perfect combination of Melatonin, which works naturally to synchronize your body’s daily patterns & rhythms (which include the sleep & wake cycles).

Restaid is so sure that you will get the best night's sleep ever that they offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!




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Valerian Pills
Please advise which of yr product is of 100% valerian?
#1 - KK Ong - 01/27/2011 - 21:20
I want to have the treatment of sleep disorders.\/sleeplessness by valeruab so please let me know the shop where i should go to purchase.
#2 - Niranjan Awasthi - 02/23/2011 - 03:09
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