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Steven A. DeVore

Elizabeth Warren is the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at the Harvard Law School. She is co-author of the 2005 landmark study "Illness and Injury as Contributors to Bankruptcy" which showed that 50% of all U.S. personal bankruptcies are related to medical debt and the aggressive collection tactics of hospitals. The study also found that most of the medically bankrupt are middle class families with children. Elizabeth is the foremost authority on bankruptcy and medical debt.

At the Harvard Law School Elizabeth teaches Bankruptcy, Contracts, Secured Lending, Payment Systems, Commercial Paper, Regulated Industries, Corporations, Partnerships, and Banking Regulation. Click here to view her Curriculum Vitae.

Elizabeth talked with us about the study, integrated not-for-profit health care monopolies (exclusion of competitors and control of physicians), the effects of aggressive debt collection on both the insured and uninsured and Utah's high bankruptcy rate. We also interviewed two other co-authors: Dr. David Himmmelstein of the Harvard Medical School and Deborah Thorne of the University of Ohio. Their interviews are currently being compiled.


1. Utah's 12,000 medically related     bankruptcies in 2003 (3,000 with     catastrophic health events) is only the "tip     of the iceberg."

2. Families with Children Most Victimized

3. The Stigma of Bankruptcy

4, Profiteering Non-Profits

5. The Perfect Scheme

6. Charitable Predators

7. When the Hospital Owns the Insurance     Company

8. Build the Empire

9. The "Bully Boy" Monopoly

10. Monopoly Hospitals Bully Doctors

11. Monopoly Hospital Domination
      Hurts  Patients

12. "The 'Bully Boy' Determines It All"

13. "The World Tuned Upside Down"

14. Monopoly Hospitals Lock Doctors Out

15. Caregivers are Good People, It's the       System That's Bad

16. Charity Care As a Business Model

17. Charity is About Caring

18. The Measure of a Man

19. "How Dare You ..."